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It's not too late, Alec.

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Personally, I've always washed my hands somewhere between 24 and 48 times a day. I also haven't been sick since college.

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I hope when he comes back, he's no holds barred. I want to hear him swear on live TV when referring to these corrupt pieces of shit. I want him to speak like a fucking angry American, not a cocksucking politician.

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I got banned from the sub when I responded to this.

My response was simply:

"You should probably listen more to the people who give a damn about you than those who are making hundreds of billions off your compliance."

That got me banned.

Edit: Oh, I wasn't banned; the whole thread was deleted by the OP.

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Yeah, he doesn't seem too smart lol...

Dude, are you not washing your hands to spite the left? That's grotesque.

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(it actually demonstrates they/we are) by giving so much credence to them.

It's the classic "I can't be racist, because I have black friends" trope.

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Can I think you're both kinda right?

During the Nikki MInaj thing, obvious racists were flooding any thread about her, accusing people of worshipping her, and throwing huge, purity-fueled tantrums at everyone... even when all people were doing was making memes.

It was pathetic.

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Women are horrible leaders, historically. Despite being such a small percentage of total world leaders, they make up somewhere around half the list of bad ones.

I, of course, can no longer back this up, because the articles I read about this were from over 10 years ago, before wokeness conquered every search engine. I just spent several minutes searching, and I can't find a single fucking thing that denigrates women.

Edit: Here's one I managed to find among all the female cock sucking on the internet: https://qz.com/967895/throughout-history-women-rulers-were-more-likely-to-wage-war-than-men/

by Lunar
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Imagine them getting a variant that has a 100% survival rate, so they can pretend all their measures and vaccines are working...

A harmless variant is actually much more deadly to us that a harmful one.

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This is so accurate, my head is spinning right off my body.

I used to shake my damned head at some of the callers Larry Elder would get from bizarre white people in the south... practically worshipping him because he is a black man who isn't attacking white people... like the default state of a black man is: attack whitey.

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I used to support forced sterilizations for felons and retarded people. Now that I no longer have any trust in the government, I realize there's nobody trustworthy to determine who is a felon or who is retarded.

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I don't think I've been as angry at anything, over the past 8 months as I am at you, irrelevant, useless liar on the internet, right now... over someone I don't even know or care about. I am so absolutely fucking sick of the sensationalist propaganda and bullshit this website has become, fueled by liars like you, desperate for attention.

You sicken me... disgusting fucking cockroach.

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You are a cocksucking, mother fucking cowardly faggot.

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I totally care what someone said for him. Also, your Saint Rittenhouse is pro-BurnLootMurder, too... most people their age are (or were, in this case) because they are misguided as to its true intent.

I see in his tweet, he mocks Hitler, Stalin and Castro, not admired...

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A half hour ago, someone here tried to pass this kid off as a communist who got what he deserved...


I don't like being lied to or knee-jerking, so I checked myself, and the kid was anything but.

STOP. FUCKING. LYING. You pathetic fucking cunt.

This kid was just a normal American, and right-wing, if anything.

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The more tweets I read of his, the more I hate this OP... The kid hated fake news; mocked NYT, believed Epstein didn't kill himself... He was one of us, but with a few shitty takes on random stuff.

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I suggest you take a look at some of his twatter feed... I knee-jerked, thanks to the fucking OP, but the kid didn't seem to be a fucking leftist, at all.

He seemed pro-Trump, to an extent. He defends Joe Rogan. He was angry about Maxwell getting a closed trial. He mentions being Christian many times...

I am getting real fucking tired of being lied to on this fucking website.

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Oddly enough, I just perused his history, and it's a mix of irreverence, some pro-Trump humor, defending Joe Rogan...

He seemed like a mixed bag, not a leftist. There are some comments using leftist doctrine; but they come off as obvious jokes to me.

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Stories like these make me smile. I don't get to smile much, these days. Liberals being killed by their own liberal mental illness is so beautiful.

Nothing tops the 2 liberals who biked around the middle east, because they believed that violence there was a white supremacist lie, getting captured and tortured by muslims.

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Because forcing these people to take responsibility has the effect of turning many of them conservative. Also for the actual honest Christians (of which I am not), they actually believe the unborn deserves a choice, and that is more important than politics.

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