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I have Tmobile home internet that runs off existing cell phone towers. Just as fast as Comcast when I lived in the city.

Wouldn't this be a better solution than running physical fucking fiber?

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My neighbor is in his 50s and are building a new house next to us. Him and his wife just got their second booster.

I told my wife they won't be around much longer to live in it.

They are both super active but I've seen a lot of my friends go down with side effects. Even death.

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I hate it too, but it's actually a good riding vehicle. I drove from Georgia to Colorado with my wife the other month and it's surprising how comfortable it is.

There is a reason Toyota keeps making them and improving them.

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I love you fren and your Ford Raptor. Those are sweet trucks.

Drive what you want and enjoy life.

Only reason I thrive and love efficiency is because I was in a shitton of debt when I first married my wife and always drove a fuel sipping civic.

We spent three years getting out of debt and when we did I treated myself to a new Tacoma. I started feeling guilty getting 19mpg just to grab a gallon of milk or to run a five minute errand. My fill ups were $70-100. After Joe blow was installed, I knew oil was going up and I said fuck it and bought the plugin Prius.

Maybe I'm cheap. I don't know. I enjoyed the Taco, but there's something about driving a gay ass car that costs you nothing, that if something happened to it, you wouldn't give a shit.

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I think plugin hybrids are the way to go.

Disclaimer: I am a super faggot Prius prime driver and I fucking love efficiency.

My 2022 Prius prime cost me $29k brand new. I average 200mpgs since I keep it charged. Toyota has an 8yr/100-150,000 warranty on all hybrid components including battery. My electric bill hasn't gone up a penny and I charge twice per day. It charges on 110v. Over the course of 8 years, I will spend around $2500 on fuel and drive about 153,000 miles at 3.50 a gallon. Total cost of ownership is $31.5k.

If I had kept my Tacoma, which was $40k and averaged 21mpgs, my fuel bill over 8 years would be around $25k. Making the cost of ownership $65k over 8 years.

The higher gas goes, the better my Prius looks. It literally pays for itself.

Many prime drivers are hitting 300k with no battery issues. Even if I had to replace the battery around year 8, I can go aftermarket for a grand. Win.fucking.win all day long.

Reality is that I'll likely get 200-300k on my car before replacing a battery and at that point will probably buy a new car. I get Prius drivers are super gay, but I don't care, I fucking love it.

Teslas are cool I guess but flashy as fuck and have pretty poor reliability. I want to be able to change my own flat. My in law has one and it's literally just ok. I refer my Prius all day. He has range anxiety. I don't.

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The gene therapy shots are going to fuck us for generations.

(Pureblood for life faggots)

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It truly is fren. The number of people nodding during the meeting and accepting old incorrect data as fact was mind blowing.

They convinced people to get shots using emotion instead of common sense.

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I think drudge sold his site years back to a leftist group.

Matt Drudge shared pretty based stuff back in the day. Now it's just a pile of woke shit.

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Mask, check. Tube socks with Crocs, check. Skinny arms, check. Sideways evil glare and afraid to say something to your face, check. Cucked, check.

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Good post fren. Started my first fall garden that is now thriving with cooler temps.

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I have struggled with anxiety and depression for years. I have been on both Prozac and Paxil which gave serious unwanted side effects.

I tried every diet on the planet (to stay off meds) based on experts recommendations for a minimum of 6-12 months such as: vegan, vegetarian, whole 30, Paleo, and found the more meat based I went, the more relief I got and better I felt.

I now eat carnivore. 100% meat only. Anxiety, depression, shoulder/knee pain from lifting all.fucking.gone within the first two weeks of going on it. A year ago I would have laughed at the recommendation, now I live a calm, relaxed, rational world and love my life.

Veganism kills. Animals are tasty.

by Tesic
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No one mentioned the obvious... Climate change

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I used to like Curry, because he stayed out of the political shit. No more.

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I don't see fruits or veggies on that shelf do you?

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No. Now they push bugs and shit. Before it was 100% plant based. Recall the propaganda on Netflix a while back.

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