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You're right I didn't watch the trial, i only watched a breakdown from a self defense attorney on Tim Pool, which was very persuasive, but would be biased I supposed. Maybe you could check it out and tell me your thoughts?

My problem is with this whole situation that we constantly get bombarded with false accusations of racism and racism motivated behavior, and I'm sick to my stomach thinking these two dumbos just wanted to protect their neighborhood and now they will spend their lives behind bars.

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Lol, stealing from someone's home is a felony. It's still a felony even if you are there to steal but dont find anything to steal today. Which we know he was, because of the videos and many many previous burglaries.

That gives them probable cause beyond a reasonable doubt.

Haha, I win. Hows that dick taste?

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It really just depends if you are correct or not, like if kyle rittenhouse really HAD been a mass shooter then gay grossfag would have been perfectly within his rights to point the gun at him.

So I guess the lesson to take away is to make sure you are correct if you EVER think about using a weapon or approaching someone you think is a criminal threat.

I think these guy are dumb fucks, dont get me wrong, but by the letter of the law they should be free.

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Except the police told them he was probably armed, since he stole a gun. That's why they felt the need to bring the weapons.

No one wants to use deadly force to protect property, they only wanted to make him stop and wait until the police got there. When he attacked they used deadly force.

Get your head right.

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Only if I'm actively fleeing, AND you have probable cause to believe I just committed a felony, that's the requirement in Georgia law anyway.

If you walk in a room and your daughter tells "help dad he raped me" and you see a man fleeing, you can stop him. Period. If he resists you can escalate your force.

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Depends what you mean by brandish, you are allowed to walk around holding your weapon, pointing it at them no not unless you're being attacked. Which DID happen in this case. This will get overturned on appeal, you can bet your bottom dollar.

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You're just dead wrong, and are going to feel dumb when it gets overturned on appeal.

All you need is probable cause to arrest a felon in flight in Georgia. The "jogger" burglarized their neighborhood many times and the police where looking for him. When they found out he was fleeing the place he kept burglarizing you cant argue they didnt have probable cause without a reasonable doubt.

The judge broke the rules because he didnt want to get targeted by idiots like you who fell for the propaganda. You poor pathetic fuck

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They would have imported them even if we didn't have slavery. The problem is the malicious element of the global elites targeting western society world wide.

We could easily fix the laws and live peacefully with the black population in America if there wasn't a CONSTANT effort to antagonize and marshal them against us, as well as a targeted effort to corrupt our legal system to make sure we have no way to protect ourselves.

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The guy was a fucking burglar and was terrorizing their neighborhood. Fuck off with your "poor gud boi" bullshit.

Did they have probable cause to believe he was fleeing from another burglary, as he had done many times? If there is even a doubt then they are innocent.

This shouldn't have even gone to trial.

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Nope, this is getting overturned on appeal 100%, self defense lawyer on Tim Pool laid down the case and its fucking solid.

All you need for citizens arrest is probable cause that a felony has been committed and the suspect is on the run. Like if an old lady tells "HELP HE JUST STOLE MY PURSE" you are allowed to stop the thief even if you didnt see it.

The cops had showed a picture of Mr. "jogger" and warned he might be armed because a firearm had been stolen.

Is there at LEAST a 50% chance they had probable cause? Yes. Period.

Everyone is in agreement that they had no intention of killing him and it only happened because he attacked them, just like he attacked the police when he was arrested for bringing a gun to a school ball game.

The judge broke the rules because he didnt want to be the one behind the political mess. Hes a coward and should be tossed off the bench.

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Ok this guy is an obvious shill, hes getting paid by the replies guys so stop engaging with him.

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Put my hands up and try to deescalate, that's what ANY NORMAL INNOCENT person would do.

Arbery attacked immediately because his adrenaline was already pumping from being a thief on the prowl leaving a residence he wanted to burglarize. He knew exactly why they wanted to stop him, and THATS why he attacked. He didnt want to go to jail, and now hes dead and a family devastated. Just one family though, because the burglars family already wrote his ass off long ago, and only care about the money his death can bring them.

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They didn't even touch him, how is that a legitimate reason to attack them?

They even convicted the guy who was just there and happened to film the fucking thing of murder! If you think this is a good judgement you are insane.

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You are arguing that attacking people who approach you makes sense. Do you attack people immediately when they approach you, armed or otherwise?

They never even touched him before he attacked them, he was obviously feeling guilty as fuck.

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Except they didnt shoot him for taking tools, they shot him for attacking them when they approached him. Is approaching people illegal?

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This ^ , these people have managed to nearly destroy the strongest country in human history without firing a shot or even letting the population catch on.

Our enemies are as brilliant as they are demonic, and they fucking LOVE IT that you underestimate them so much.

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Yep, have a pleasant chuckle about how karmic it would be, and move on.

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Some are convinced of the bullshit, but the string pullers absolutely know what they are doing.

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