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Why not eliminate the department altogether?

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Maybe the problem is that the government has ANY say in the economy and private business. Let the politicians trade, just remove their ability to legislate anything economic.

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Doesn't it seem like the Clunkers for Cash was a precursor for this? Get rid of all the old cars that didn't have modern computers.

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"Dr. Malone is giving a mass number of people a psychosis formulated by his fake theory of Mass Formation Psychosis"....

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Perhaps, but behind the scenes I think he's been working with Revolver News on stuff, too. Pretty sure I saw that on WarRoom. Let's see if I can find a link to the audio....

I was wrong, it's not Revolver. He's been working with Dr. Malone (Johnson mentioned at 31:02), but listen to the entire episode. It's good.):


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I think that's just some crazy talk. If anything, this metaverse bullshit is just a giant Second Life for normies to placate them as the elites strips all their wealth and property, this way the normies actually think they're achieved prosperity when really they are living in an economic wasteland.

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I think the big take away from this tweet is that she is admitting there is runaway inflation happening. HAHA.

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I think it's all tied together. This might be the easiest route to gets the pigs to start squealing on one another.

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Not for healthcare works.

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Personally, I don't care who marries who. Spend life with the person you love. There are so many reasons to not go to a wedding: the cost, the socializing, the shitty food, the shitty DJs, and of course weddings just suck in general.

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uh, neutron stars are just a portal to a larger dimension with crystalline beings, so there's that.

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Jesus was the first libertarian. He despised the power of the state, and valued individualism.

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