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It's a new technology Musk is offering where he hires Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Lopez to highjack the Metaverse using direct brain signals and kill the Vincent D'Onofrio personality in everyone's brains. Ground breaking stuff.

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She should take all of her leftover campaign cash and start putting up billboards in KY informing people what McTurtle did to destroy the Republican Senate majority.

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Looks like it's time to get our law licenses, patriots!

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The smart person will do everything they can to stick around. Instant promotions and puts you at the head of the pack.

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This needs to run in every newspaper in KY. Print flyers and post them everywhere.

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Disappointing. How about...

  • End the IRS
  • Privatize Social Security
  • End the Federal Reserve
  • Destroy the ABC agencies

... and so much more.

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Memes are not enough this time. We need an army of volunteers so legion that the campaign will have to invent new modes of attack against the corrupt cheating commies.

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great... Another do-nothing Republican-lead House.

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