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I'd be lying if I didn't. I thought it was legit for about the first day, as I didn't research at all because of the Facebook outage.

Then I saw it: 7 billion is chump change when it comes to the largest attempt at censorship in history.

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I was going to try this at work if they try to push a vaccine mandate on me. Since the shit was not FDA approved, what is the responsibility of the company trying to force an experimental drug on me if it does damage to my body?

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We. Need. Them. Alive.

We need them to sell out their fellows once they realize they are up for the death penalty for treason.

I don't want the guy who ran the scripts to go to hang more than I want the criminal fuckers in high places who did this to swing.

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We need them alive to testify. I wouldn't lose sleep... but I'd certainly see this as a problem.

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Appears to be. Not confirmed. They know. They ain't saying shit.

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If he were white, it'd be the first thing they said. Instead they have clammed up about it, only referencing the shooter.

Hell, they haven't even mentioned the shooter's status as male or female. Maybe they didn't want to assume their gender. Kek

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I didn't go to any parties. But when my brother got chicken pox, my mom didn't separate us at all, and made sure we got it as well.

Then I was out of school for a week. Then I got better.

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How about no. They can all get fucked. We have literally had to listen to them bitch about 'oppression' for decades now when they are really the most privileged people on fucking earth. Spoon fed from birth. They openly shit on anyone that doesn't coddle them like a newborn child. Quite frankly, I don't give a shit anymore.

Good to know you'd be worthless at a negotiation table since you humanity is gone. Your anger is so apparent it has clouded out any other feelings you have. Its honestly sad.

Ya ya, diversity is our strength... Fuck you and your cuck bull shit.

Nice try chief, I never said diversity is our strength. You are so angry you can't even interpret anything remotely contrary to what you believe as anything but "LIBERAL BULLSHIT". Seriously go to the woods. Get a cabin, and lose the internet. You aren't helping.

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Liberal bigotry is against anybody that does not follow their beliefs and morals.

Last summer it was racism. This year: Jab > Race.

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Holy fuck this statement needs upvotes. Lots of them.

Democrats supported the brothers and sisters.... until they didn't take the jab. Now see where see how their fellow libs treat them.

Like trash.

For libs, they always need a sense of moral superiority over somebody else. Previously, their sense of superiority was be anti-racist. Now, its being anti-jabbed. Their bigotry is against anybody who does not support their ethics.

This statement is legit: Jab > Race.

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Yes. Its called compassion. Look it up.

Thumbing your nose at folks isn't going to help. How about instead of laughing at them for their mistakes out of some sort of misplaced sense of superiority due to the side you are on, you offer them a hand and say: ready to take the red pill?

We win when we unite. Stop sewing discord.

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What do you want? Humiliate them? Kill them? Kill them in front of their families? Throw them in jail and lock them up? Eye for an eye shit?

This is how this retarded merry-go-round ride keeps spinning and never ends.

Lets say you lock them up. Then you deny their families access to their love ones. You persecute them, deny them jobs, and the ability to change. In 15 years, you are just going to have another BLM-esqe movement, only they are going to be worse.

Stop this garbage line of thinking, and stop repeating it. You are just perpetuating the same hate cycle without end.

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Remember when people who acted like this got punched in the head? I miss those days.

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I hope she goes full debate. Contrary to what folks think of her, Nikki Minaj is an incredibly resources, clever, and self-made millionaire.

I could see her asking logical questions and leaving Facui looking stupid.

What I fear is that she is going to fall in line and get the jab... and promote it. That would be really out of character (to bend-the-knee), and would be a sign to me she is compromised or held hostage by something.

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African Americans were already not taking the shot due their history.

Nikki Minaj is waking everybody else up who didn't understand. She is a lot like Trump, IE she says what is on her mind. If she keeps like this she may be banned.

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I love this meme. Absolutely love it.

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You can only make absolute demands if you are holding all the cards... and we don't have all the cards, not by a long-shot.

Yes we have more people. Yes we have all the guns. Yes we have the knowledge/evidence. In a firefight, we'd murder them.

This isn't a firefight though. This is an information war. The media has made BLM to be angels, and the stupids are buying it. That is their power over us, and I don't know if you have noticed we have been losing that war big time.

The only way to strip them of that power over us is to get them to work with us. In this world of cancel culture, they'd be branded as traitors and canceled immediately. Hell of a red-pill for them isn't it?

The point of this thread: libtards worst nightmare. A united front.

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I love it when they eat each other, and throw red-pills to the masses at the same time. Everybody wins!

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Enemy of my enemy is my friend. If you are unwilling to play the game in get your hands dirty, you won't win fights. Contrary to what modern Cinema has taught us, people who fight fair do not always perceiver, but in fact often lose.

I'll give you an example: the US Military (when it was, you know, awesome). We didn't fight fare. Drones. Airstrikes. Tactical radar and landscape mapping. Satellite imaging and infrared cameras that can see targets miles of the ground. When we pull the trigger, we win. Best trained, best equipped, best prepared.

Sadly on the information warfront, we are at an extreme tactical disadvantage. Team up with BLM? Sure. We will do what the libs did, use them now, dump them when we don't need them anymore. Might as well use an advantage while we got it.

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I love her fucking horse teeth are now prominent in every mocking piece of media.

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Most people with power, money, and clout do not just 'step down' unless retiring.

I say enjoy the win.

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