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Lmao there's a reason noone ever heard of oil rain.

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I just realized how mad everyone's gonna be when they admit there was fraud, refuse to invalidate 2020 and then use that as proof that the states can't handle it and the feds swoop in and take over all election admin...

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Good work you should be proud OE. Wife struggled at times but I am also proud that we are jab free. Feels great to lead family with a difficult but correct decision.

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They called us crazy unvaxxed... They made fun of us for doing our own research. They wouldn't let us into certain places. Now they are seeing decreased fertility and increased unexplainable deaths. I'd like an apology.

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Was at a commencement a few years ago and they announced Rachel Levine was the speaker. Richard walked out and guess who busted out laughing in a quiet room. Wife elbowed me but its okay to laugh when you think a woman is coming on stage then its obviously a man. Noone else thought it was very funny :p

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It's a pretty funny take on it. They turn out dozens of people and not one guy showed up with jeans and said "sorry guys khakis were in the wash"?

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Rot in prison waiting for trial where they'll sentence him to the appropriate reconditioning protocol or life in prison.

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You gotta wear face coverings if you have 20 dudes stuffed in the back of a uhaul to protect from the rona

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I sometimes imagine everyone on here is feds from different agencies all arguing to confuse everyone and everything.

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If I was gonna ride around in the back of a uhaul I'd probably get the bigger one and throw a couple camp chairs in there. Bow that I think about it, if I was infiltrating a pride event I would probably rent a rainbow colored Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile and dress up in one peice crotchless bathing suits.

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This is even easier than actually sponsoring and coercing mentally I'll people to commit actual acts of violence

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You're doing it wrong. you ignore all the issues you outlined, and only focus on yourself and how you are helping stop climate change. That way you feel good and everyone can know you're a good person.

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