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Watch whatever you want.

Why are you asking me? Are you a baby?

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I believe it is possible. Especially if he a child rape dungeon in his basement.

He didn't ever move into the governors mansion. He stayed at his own house.

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This is on the main page at the bottom.

An independent publisher, RealRawNews explores content often avoided by the mainstream media.

Do you really think anyone can print that the Governor has a child sex dungeon in his basement and get away with it. Or is it more likely they would sue for defamation.

This is career ending for a politician... Instead you want to jump in a defend a child rapist and killer.

Good for you. I bet you are so afraid you are next

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Or your opinion is full of shit..

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Political Parties are unconstitutional.

They are absolutely gate keepers preventing Americans from holding any office.

Never forget the Republicans did not want Trump.

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Law is so much fun. It's a great hobby I strongly recommend to anyone.

You don't need law school and the BAR is 100% the enemy of America.

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You are terrified... I can tell.

You missed that 4 year delta about HUMA.

Exactly on the day Huma is on the news promoting her book exactly as Q predicted.

You must be shitting your pants with your head under the covers telling yourself this is not happening


I love it .

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No one has to convince anyone. That is a complete waste of energy.

If you have every tried to teach someone that has their fingers in their ears, you know it is impossible if they dont want to hear it, they will tune you out in seconds.

We don't have to convince anyone, teach anyone, change anyone. All we have to do is drop the crumbs. Drop little crumbs here and a little there and they see it and they laugh, they reject it. That is great, they're not ready, they may never be ready.

Then maybe if they are lucky something inside them wakes them up and they take a closer look. That is when they want to go back and search for those crumbs. They wish they had asked questions instead of laughing and calling someone a gay retard.

This is the war to end all wars, forever. The end is not for everyone.

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That's great. Take it to facebook then where people can see your friend exists.


No Advertising

Promoting products, fundraising, or spamming web properties in which you have an interest is not permitted.

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Get herp and heart attack. yeah I bet they are lining up down the block

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They have 1,000,000 troops.

The American people is actually the largest armed force on the planet.

Even if only 50,000,000 people have guns which is extremely low estimate.

China does not stand a chance, so they had to take over thru our Congress.

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People dying during games from heat attacks are very rare.

Since they started forcing athletes to take the jab, now having a heart attack during a game is the new normal.

I understand you are very disturbed over the idea that evil people are at the top of industries and organizations and yes even governments.

but at some point you are going to have to face reality. I suggest you seek some grief counseling because this month is going to very rough for those who are doing evil deeds.

The good guys are winning and you are not the type of person to be involved and I understand you are angry, probably alone, and no one to talk to. But the good guys are winning, just relax and try to take it all in very slowly.

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you know she will drop some truth bombs and they will call her a liar and wont let her answer.

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It's not a court. It's a committee. Nancy Pelosi is not a judge.

I just hope they have public hearings so we can watch

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Perp walk these people.

They are breaking the law assisting illegal aliens, they are no different the the human traffickers in Mexico

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