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Apart from the dudes lifting their shirts every 5 minutes while doing shoulders, they're there for the mirrors ;D

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What's the bet this one wont disappear from the news cycle?

What's the bet this one is a hate crime?

What's the bet this man doesn't make bail if captured?

by OldEd
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'I uploaded my photo to get a reaction and got exactly what I wanted'

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The whole 'it's important to ask first' because there's been a few instances of ambush gay dudes gang rape, from culturally enriching peoples.

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Weaves, destroys their hairline.

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What if we started convicting the strongly worded letters? That might send some sort of a message, I think.

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Reading reddit is like trying to watch the UK office, it's a brutal struggle of overcoming uncomfortable feelings.

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Is it an L?

Do you take an L when you've already won and are simply seeking to expand the margin by which you lead over?

They still count the votes.

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Bro, pls bro, this narrative is different bro, this is the UNBUNTO narrative, pls bro, do it for Gran bro i beg of you, bro.

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Time has shown us there's two types of rumors; the ones that persist and the ones that dye off naturally.

It seems to be the one that persist, persist for a reason.

It's almost like we have a societal response to misinformation, where the response is a rumor to attempt to correct the over-arching narrative.

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Holy shit, that place is fucking cancer.

Went over to check it out, top post at the moment is Rand Paul telling a joke to med students, seven years ago.

They are accusing him of openly stating he believes in spreading misinformation as a tactic.

Had to leave after about 5 comments.

Edit: rand

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PUREBLOOD! say you want me, want me, out of your life, but I'm just a pe-de walking tonight!

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Given enough time, hung people gut themselves.

Gravity always wins.

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Thing with strep if you keep smoking you'll likely get a chest infection, which results in all of the above.

Maybe it was COVID, but, it's all too fashionable to blame everything on COVID and tests give false positives anyway, which is what they are used to do to push the numbers to push the idea it's a issue.

Same reason Fauci and his Ilk used rapid PCR tests to create AIDS epidemic numbers in the 80s and 90s.

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The Flu and Cold still exit.

Strep throat from burning the lining of your throat is pretty common too.

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Worlds leading tax law scholar?

So worlds leading loop-hole finder?

Fuck tax law.

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Its not an assumption.

There's literally one reason to advocate for it, and that reason isn't altruistic...

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