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"Biden's Day At The Beach- McCarthy folds like a cheap beach chair" #BenGarrison cartoon #KevinMcCarthy #biden #debtCeiling #kevincaved Kevin McCarthy caved to Joe Biden. He called the budget agreement, “A step in the right direction.” Add that to the ‘things losers say’ list.

The uni-party McCarthy folded like a cheap beach chair.

more crazy stuff at https://grrrgraphics.com/bidens-day-at-the-beach/

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Here comes the new North Face spokes-thang! It’s a hiking drag queen with a full mustache! Because that’s what you want to see when you go hiking in the great outdoors, a homosexual sashaying down the trail in a tacky, garish rainbow colored mini-dress that would send bears running for cover.

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Try harder Ron or it's gonna be a looong primary season! Me thinks you protest too much!

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The New #Twitter Boss Same As The Old Twitter Boss- #BenGarrison cartoon! When #ElonMusk first bought Twitter and announced he supported free speech, everyone thought a new day had dawned in the land of the blue bird...they were wrong. The original 2010 GrrrGraphics account will not be reinstated- Twitter never stated exactly what we did to violate their ‘Terms of Service’ but we have an idea…we told the truth. Why is Musk scared of our cartoons? Didn’t he say he believed in #freespeech? Hypocrite much? Ben's pretty mad! read more at https://grrrgraphics.com/new-twitter-boss-same-as-the-old-twitter-boss/

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New #BenGarrison Cartoon #joebiden running in 2024

Joe Biden announced he’s ‘running’ for a second term, even though he can barely walk.

Despite his very low poll ratings and very advanced age, I predict he will win his party’s nomination. RFK Jr. may be his biggest competition, but like Bernie Sanders, those controlling the Democrat Party will rig the primaries against him. read the rest of Ben's rant at https://grrrgraphics.com/joe-biden-is-running-for-president-in-2024/

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NEW "Godspeed Tucker"

#BenGarrison Cartoon #tuckercarlson #FoxNews #Tucker We at GrrrGraphics found Tucker Carlson to be the most effective talk show host and journalist on FoxNews. Since FoxNews and Rupert Murdoch are inextricably tied to the Deep State Swamp and the globalist establishment, Tucker had to go. He was telling too many truths....

much much more at https://grrrgraphics.com/godspeed-tucker/

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Did you know that "erfff day" #earthday is a pretend holiday co-founded by a far left guy who murdered and 'composted' his gf? And now you know the REST of the story....

Yup https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna42711922

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Involuntary manslaughter charges against Alec Baldwin have been dropped.

In 2021, Baldwin shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of a low-budget western movie called “Rust.” She was taken by helicopter to a hospital, where she died. Alec claims he didn’t pull the trigger, but there was no way the revolver could have gone off otherwise.

There was already an aura of dissatisfaction on the set due to the low pay. Gun safety was lax on the set and safety complaints were made. The armorer in charge, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, did not do an adequate job of ensuring safety. Alec may have thought he received a prop gun, but he is old and experienced enough to know how to handle guns. What he held in hand was obviously an operational revolver and all he had to do was use the cylinder release switch. Popping open the cylinder would allow him to see the live rounds it contained. This check would only take a few seconds, but he did not do that. The cardinal rule is never point a gun at anyone—even if you know the gun is ‘cold,’ or empty. The first thing all actors should do is not rely on the word of the armorer alone. He failed to provide a final, responsible safety check. Had he done so, a tragic accident would have easily been prevented.

Even still, he’s responsible for a death and new charges might be reinstated at a later date. I’m not entirely sure why they dropped the charges in the first place. Baldwin’s claim that the weapon was altered and put on auto pilot is absurd. Who would do such a thing? How can the gun be timed to go off without Baldwin pulling the trigger? Revolvers simply don’t work that way.

Another person who got away with murder is Anthony Fauci. He used taxpayer money to fund ‘gain of function’ at the communist Chinese bioweapons lab at Wuhan. He later lied to Congress about that funding. He claimed without scientific data that the virus originated from a nearby ‘wet market’ and not the lab at Wuhan. He was desperate to deflect blame away from himself.

Fauci grew rich during his rule of his bureaucratic/medical empire. He got to decide where grant money went and therefore got to determine the success of failure of medical scientists and their research. Fauci profited greatly from support of big pharma and royalties. He was the highest-paid bureaucrat in government and now he will receive a ridiculous pension—over $400,000 per year. His is the biggest federal retirement package in U.S. history. He’s being well-rewarded for supporting the medical industrial complex. He’s also being rewarded for his Covid actions, which resulted in the death of millions—due to the virus and the adverse reactions to the mRNA experimental vaccines that did not stop Covid or its spread.

Fauci needs to go to prison.

— Ben Garrison

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Stop the Insanity! Trans madness goes corporate- New Ben Garrison Cartoon for Monday

The worst aspect of the trans delusion: The woke, Marxist educators are pushing it on children in schools. They try to convince confused boys that they are really girls and tell girls they are really boys. Dangerous hormone treatments and even sexual mutilation follows.

All states must pass law banning the ‘transitioning’ of children.

more @ https://grrrgraphics.com/trans-madness-goes-corporate/

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"The Influence Peddlers, A bicycle built for corruption" NEW #BenGarrison Cartoon #bidencrimefamily

While crimes are invented to prosecute President Trump, real crimes are ignored for members of the Biden Crime Family and the Democrat party. more at https://grrrgraphics.com/the-influence-peddlers-biden-crime-family/

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New #BenGarrison Cartoon- "Let the Banana Republic mockery of justice begin"
In reality, Bragg has no case. There never was a case. Still, Bragg ran for his position on the promise of ‘getting Trump.’ That alone should have barred him from office. Prosecutors are supposed to gather evidence of crimes and present cases to court based on the evidence only. They are not supposed to invent evidence. Bragg is the one who should be prosecuted. #TrumpIndictment #Trump2024 more at https://grrrgraphics.com/let-the-banana-republic-mockery-of-justice-begin/

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"Guilty Until Proven Innocent" New #BenGarrison Cartoon #TrumpIndictment #WeThePeopleStandWithTrump #Trump2024 We all know there is no evidence supporting a case against Trump, but he’ll get arrested anyway. Like the impeachment campaigns against him, facts don’t matter. Only anti-Trump lies and rhetoric matter. Guilty until Proven Innocent has replaced Innocent Until Proven Guilty read Ben's rant at https://grrrgraphics.com/guilty-until-proven-innocent-trump-indictment/

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New #BenGarrison Cartoon "There is no FREE Press without a FREE Julian Assange" #FreeAssange #FreePress There can be no America without freedom of the press, and there can be no free press without a free Julian Assange.

Read more at https://grrrgraphics.com/there-is-no-free-press-without-a-free-julian-assange/

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"Transitioning into Violence" New #BenGarrison cartoon

The pushback against Trans insanity is angering the trans ‘community’ and they are lashing out to keep their delusion going. For some reason they want ALL US citizens applauding and endorsing their delusion or we are called bigots and haters. They want demonic pedophiles in libraries and classrooms for ’trans story hour.’ It’s sick.

“Trans Rights Or Else” Looks like we found out what the “Or Else” means…more at https://grrrgraphics.com/transitioning-into-violence/

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NEw Cartoon! The #WAR Whores Tina Toon The War mongers are on the street corner earning big bucks for their pimp!

There are many more whores we could have included in this cartoon. You’ll know them when they proposition you to make war, not love. The main pimp, Zelensky, wants us all to join his war stable. He wants more death and more money. Americans need to reject #Zelensky and reject the escalation of death in #Ukraine. read the GRRRgreat post at https://grrrgraphics.com/war-whores/

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New #BenGarrison Cartoon- "The Something Burger Vs Nothing Burger" It’s Trump Tuesday and the radical left, Fake News and communist Democrats all rushed to the lunch counter in anticipation of today’s distraction special, ‘The Get Trump Burger.’

Instead, the Marxist riff raff got a ‘Nothing Burger’ as the potential indictment of President Trump was delayed until ‘next week’ or maybe not at all. #NothingBurger #TrumpIndictment read the rest at https://grrrgraphics.com/democrat-something-burger-vs-trump-nothing-burger/

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Probably more than that!

Comer Believes Nearly a Dozen More Business Dealings Occurred Between Biden Family and China #ChinaJoe Who's in YOUR Pocket?? 2020 #BenGarrison throwback cartoon read what Ben warned about in 2020 https://grrrgraphics.com/china-joe-biden/

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sing along if you remember that song! "Yes, we have no Bananas"

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Ben stays up all night- He doesn't sleep much, trust me I know! Tina

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NEW Emergency Bonus Cartoon- The 2024 Presidential Marathon- Let the dirty tricks begin! Will Trump be indicted on Tuesday? The Deep State Swamp establishment have resorted to their ‘hail Mary’ pass. INDICT TRUMP!

This desperate move by the cabal will backfire spectacularly. The people will rally to Trump’s defense. The Deep State will have shot themselves in their collectivist foot. It’s a terrible move for them. Why?

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