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Vote with your feet. There are plenty of better options to choose from, even if you stay in Washington State.

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It seems to me that we have a democrat prosecutor who is out for blood more than anything else. She needs to be investigated.

There is a difference between malicious prosecution with an insane fervent zeal and holding parents accountable.

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I lurk mostly. I've been around since the beginning on reddit back in 2015/2016 with original TheDonald.

I will admit that originally I thought Donald Trumps' coming down the escalator was nothing more than a carnival barker and I initially dismissed it. Then I started seeing the oversized reaction of the media and started paying more attention. The media's "pied piper" strategy inadvertently red pilled me so I sought out alternative sources to get an unfiltered view. I saw past the off-putting showmanship and came on board the Trump Train. I quickly learned about nimble navigators, the significance of earning a coat, and an introduction into "meme warfare". I knew who the OG supporters were and sadly, most of them have been forgotten.

I recently tried to find historical memes and pro-Trump videos from the 2016 election and realized most of them have been scrubbed.

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I don't trust Lin Wood or Sidney Powel.

Patrick Byrne, at least to me, is a newcomer to all the noise and I really don't know much about him. The problem is I have only heard Lin Wood's version. When you only have one side of the argument, it can artificially seem compelling.

Mike Flynn may indeed have skeletons in his closest but the way the deep state tried to destroy him is a strong counter argument.

The lawyer I distrust the most is John Pierce but he doesn't seem to be a part of all this crap you are talking about.

Here is the lens I look at this whole mess. I know that professionals specialize. You wouldn't go to a Podiatrist to have a colonoscopy even though they are a licensed Doctor. Please take a moment to gander at where each of these lawyers specialize and then ask yourself why did they thrust themselves into the situation other than to capitalize on a potential revenue stream?

Its one thing to become involved in order to help choose the right lawyer or team of lawyers to ensure the best chance of victory, it's something else entirely to fund raise off someone else's plight or cause. We are talking multiple millions of dollars here.

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Lack of a basic understanding of what is the appropriate denominator.

Those who perpetuate this nonsense are either ignorant of basic math or seek to sow misinformation for malicious purposes.

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Piss off about the low post score.

I mostly lurk and typically only post on things I can contribute, such as medical misinformation.

I am calling a spade a spade. Lin Wood has always seemed "off" to me but with each passing day my suspicions about him are being confirmed through HIS actions and words.

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Now how much faith do we have in the copies that were circulating the internet?

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Whenever is see one person point fingers at everyone else, it gives me cause to step back and re-evaluate the one person's credibility.

The "I'm not the crazy one, everyone else is crazy" defense doesn't hold up to even modest scrutiny.

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The biblical character Lazurus comes to mind. This story won't stay dead.

Two other false stories that I have knocked down and yet keep getting recirculated besides this one.

  1. Tromethamine (Tris) was added to children's vaccine formulation because it stabilizes the heart. (ugh - so wrong on so many different levels)

  2. The American Heart Association has a new study (PLUS Cardiac Test Abstract) that shows troubling cardiac markers (This abstract is not from a peer reviewed published scientific paper. What really happened is one cardiologist gave a presentation at an event hosted by the American Heart Association about things he is seeing in his professional setting. The AHA simply gave notification that this presentation was given at a scientific seminar where various professionals share what they are seeing out in the trenches. Sadly it's being taken out of context. The information shared has not been peer reviewed and is not published yet). [This says nothing about the veracity of the information, I'm just saying it doesn't yet have a true endorsement by the AHA].

Edit: I should have also included the luciferin and luciferase nonsense.

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Which is exactly why innocent lives must be protected from monstrous people intent on murdering them. They can't protect themselves.

Using your logic, the weak should be fed to the wolves.

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I think there was culpability all around. The shooter hold the lions share of it.

Parents not properly securing a weapon. Parents not responding to "tells".

School bullies being allowed to bully with impunity. Both the students and the school system are culpable here.

Other students remaining quiet. Knowing they needed to stay home that particular day but not telling someone in authority.

If anyone in authority, say the school, was advised of any "rumors", why didn't they take action?

Was the school pushing CRT garbage to this mentally disturbed child? Were they telling him he was worthless white trash responsible for everything bad in the world?

What was the nature of the parent/teacher discussions a few days prior?

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Then so would all the students who knew something and played hooky that day.

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Tenth Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

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Emojis have become colloquial. It brings me great pain to receive a official correspondences that use smiley faces.

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It is misleading. The American Heart Association did not make the quote. It was given by an independent cardiologist who was making a presentation at an event sponsored by the AHA.

There is no published study (yet). The Abstract was for a presentation the author gave on the topic as part of the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions on 13 Nov 2021. What was published in Circulation (that this ahajournal ultimately points to) is simply a notification that this presentation was given.


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