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It was a wardrobe malfunction

by Gumnut
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They’re brilliant - I just can’t tell if they’re images from the internet or newly created? Haha

by PoP7
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Who the fuck are these people taking their kids to this sh!t? Blows the mind

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One of the comments:

FYI it appears that Gatorade or someone at Twitter hid this tweet from the @gatorade feed


It's not visible on the feed


This is confirmed by checking an archive, the May 10, 2022 tweet is hidden


Now if I had to guess, I would assume the Tweet began trending for all the "wrong reasons" and someone on Twitter's "Trust and Safety" team stepped in and hid the tweet to deboost it and prevent views and more negative comments. Gatorade posted an alternate video on May 16th, where the marketing team did jump cuts between a healthy male, a healthy female, and the same obese woman


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I would argue that examples such as the Venus Figurines suggest men are hard-wired to like voluptuous women.

As such, a woman in tights and a g-string doing the splits upside down is still potentially exploiting the male sex drive…

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Someone commented that the original has been hidden and a re-edited version posted…didn’t look myself

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