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They are just telling us what they are doing.

It’s part of the game.

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A court of appeals in Alberta, Canada, recently ruled that the arrest, jailing, and fining of a Christian pastor for resisting a Chinese coronavirus inspection of his church by police officers in April 2021 were illegal, the Canadian Press reported over the weekend.


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Leaked audio from days after the 2016 election, before Trump’s inauguration—Biden calls Poroshenko, then head of state of Ukraine, and threatens him with assassination if he cooperates with the incoming Trump administration.


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Shut Down DC

Shut Down DC is a coalition of environmentalist activist groups which announced plans to significantly disrupt traffic in Washington, D.C. on September 23, 2019 to bring awareness to climate change. The group has stated that it aims for its demonstrations to affect the most powerful people in the city by blocking what they believe to be key intersections for politicians and other areas of note. As of September 13, about 250 people had confirmed they would join in the demonstrations.

The group is sponsored by All Out D.C., a network of activists that formed after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. All Out D.C. has hosted rallies involving Antifa members in the past, causing D.C. police to prevent violent interactions between them and right-wing demonstrators, including the Proud Boys. [2][3][4] Additional sponsors include Rising Tide North America, Extinction Rebellion Washington DC, and CCAN Action Fund.


The guy who runs it


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