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“Okay, here's the advice to the rest of the country. Number one, you get yourself a couple of good lawyers like we have Mark Fonte, Lou Gerlamino. Every town in America has some decent patriotic lawyers. Just look up on the website right here and how we did it and the ruling that came down.

Number two. Everybody in a little town has somebody that has a social media influence That is a patriot like me and john every community has one You get him or her to post The rallies and get people out in the street. Then you get somebody like me To give tough love to the people in your community To get the hell out in the street without excuse

That's how we do it. That's how they can do it. That's how every town can win. You don't have to go around hand-in-flyers out anymore in Wisconsin or Connecticut or in a little town in Wyoming. Just do what I'm telling you.

Get a couple of decent lawyers and get the people that you talk to every day in the bar and the coffee shop about this bullshit. Instead of talking over a bartini and a cup of coffee, talk about it in the street like we're doing here. You can do it America! Follow us!”

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Americans Have Become So Desensitized To Our Government Leaders Corruption We Forget How America Used To Be

Former Mayor Of Chicago Richard Daley Shut Down Looting IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS, Here’s How: “Shoot To Kill”

“I said to him very emphatically and very definitely that an order be issued immediately under his signature to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in their hand in Chicago, to fire a building because there are potential murders, and to issue a police order to shoot the main or cripple, anyone looting any stores in our city.

And above all, the crime of arson is to me the most hideous and worst crime of any and should be dealt with in this fashion. I was disappointed to know that every policeman out on the beat was supposed to use his own decision and this decision evidently was his. In my opinion, he should have had instructions to shoot arsonists and to shoot looters.”

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Joe Biden sat down for a one-on-one interview with ProPublica’s John Harwood to address ‘threats to democracy,’ the Supreme Court and other issues.

Biden is not happy with Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.


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According to an exclusive report by Breitbart News, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) allegedly tore down two signs warning that a door on the second floor of the Cannon House Office Building was for emergency use only. He then proceeded to pull the fire alarm, leading to a full-scale law enforcement and emergency services response, which resulted in the evacuation of the building.


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Tucker Carlson, who also repeats the propaganda of foreign dictators while speaking English, doesn’t have anything like the historical significance of Axis Sally or Tokyo Rose, though his level of credibility is similar. This is a man who famously wrote texts about his loathing of Donald Trump, even while praising the then-president in public; recently, the former Fox News host kept a straight face while interviewing a convicted fraudster who claimed to have smoked crack and had sex with Barack Obama. But when Carlson speaks on behalf of Viktor Orbán or Vladimir Putin, his words are repeated in Hungary and Russia, where they do have resonance: Look, a prominent American journalist supports us. I don’t know what Carlson’s motivation is—he did not respond to a request for comment—but his words also circulate in the far-right American echo chamber, where they are sometimes repeated by Republican presidential candidates, so unfortunately they require some explanation.


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While everyday American taxpayers are battling inflation and struggling to make ends meet, their money is subsidizing small businesses in Ukraine, according to a recent report on CBS News’s 60 Minutes.

In addition to at least $43 billion in military aid, the U.S. has pumped nearly $25 billion of non-military aid into Ukraine’s economy since the Ukraine War began in February 2022, according to the report.


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Mayor Adams had a busy schedule Saturday, including remarks at a Harlem book fair and presenting a proclamation at a Dominican Community Center gala. One item wasn't on his official schedule: a ceremony where the mayor, along with the NYPD commissioner and top uniformed officer, became Freemasons.


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Watched a J6 doc last night & something stuck out to me

Almost every MAGA event in DC during Trump’s tenure would be intercepted by violent hordes of Antifa

Remember how they destroyed DC during Trump’s inauguration?

Well we have millions of hours of footage of J6, and yet not 1 clip shows a mass demonstration of Antifa in black bloc that day

Do people really think they took the day off?

No, they were at J6 and it’s very easy to spot them - they dressed like “MAGA” but wore masks

True MAGA Patriots didn’t wear masks but when you rewatch J6 footage you see hundreds of face-masked violent agitators on the front lines

And the thing is, if Antifa is this “decentralized” Leftist foot soldier gang with no leadership then how were they all on the same page that day with the plan?

I believe we will one day expose how the Deep State coordinated their actions through proxies

Antifa was in on the Fedsurrection

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The Gateway Pundit reported on an interview Flores gave in September where she asserted that the Mexican cartels now control the southern border.

told Townhall in the interview, “The Mexican cartel is in full control of the southern border. This is a situation that we [people who live near the border] deal with on a daily basis.”

It’s the best time for terrorists to come into the country, because we don’t have border security. We have a federal government that refuses to enforce the law.”


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A third IRS agent reportedly told House investigators last week that President Joe Biden’s Justice Department blocked now-special counsel David Weiss from charging Hunter Biden, seemingly contradicting Attorney General Merrick Garland’s assertion that Weiss had complete authority to charge the president’s son.


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September 15, 2023

Nancy Pelosi Meets With Son (Alex Soros) Of George Soros In Washington



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From 2,000 to 5,000 new arrivals of illegal aliens in Bajo Chiquito Panamá every day.

Thanks to Biden and his regime they are coming to the neighborhood near you and your tax money will pay for their accommodations.


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