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What’s this lbabxdefg ++ community shit? There’s no community of fags, degenerates, brain fucked sexually confused zombies, just a fringe of these demons festering in the rest of our communities, rotting them out like the cancer they are.

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In 100 years they could not create a cold vaccine, and yet here we are with a new strain of cold virus with the same lethality and we magically have a vaccine? Bull fucking shit.

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They lie about everything. You can safely assume the opposite of everything they say is the truth.

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Algorithm is slow. Once every two days is enough to catch this.

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Slap their phones down and then beat the shit out of them while recording their shrill cries for your own amusement later. Faggots and trannies are not normal. They are a small fringe group of loud mouthed degenerate demons. Make them feel pain.

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Now show us the studies to back up your claim. I think you’re retarded but I can’t prove it. Show us some evidence to the contrary.

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This is almost as funny as the last 6 times it was posted. Seriously you karma whores are a bunch of losers.

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It’s faggot bashing time.

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The more defensive he gets the more I seethe with hatred of everything he represents. Not a good look, fauxi.

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Non whites are considered racist as fuck until proven otherwise. Congrats, baiters.

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Unskilled is right. They can’t even look you in the eye and hand you change without it being a sloppy mess the machine told them to count, and when they get it wrong after you count it back in their face, somehow they are the victim.

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I’ll never trust the smug smile from a Muslim practicing taqqiya.

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Happily direct the offender to the nearest public library where they may view a copy of the US constitution.

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