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Anyone who thinks elections are fair and performed in good faith is literally too stupid to insult.

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The thing about psychopaths is they are’t automatically intelligent and sometimes they forget to pretend like they are devastated.

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Every time they go after guns after a tragedy they enabled, I say save your thoughts and prayers, you will need some for the next one and soon.

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I’d like to add and elaborate that this is all about the community. The black community. The Lbgtfjynnnaz&$”@/???+++ community. The oppressed community. The woman community. The single mother community. Together we must come together and stop the biggest threat to our community, the community of white men because they are literally Nazis.

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Why did you cut the part off at the end where the nice lady says “excuse me sir, this is a Wendy’s”

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Never seen someone lose 3 fights to a flight of stairs in the same incident.

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Straight white female. Doesn’t check enough boxes. She might be in trouble.

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You people just aren’t racist enough. She is ugly as fuck inside and out.

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In today’s day and age, We must look to the old Wisdom of the battlefield and take great strides to ensure that our best do what they can to survive, every day. And we must remember that back in the days of old WE WUZ KAAAAAANGS!!!!

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Knee cars and chose!

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I worked with some guys in a deli who i’d be more willing to go to war with.

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That’s how you know the vax is working.

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These fucking retards probably don’t realize Ukraine is white people.

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Go wear a fourth mask in your car by yourself and get your 49th jab you flapjack minded litter box shitter

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Adults have fucked things up pretty badly and this honeypot site full of paranoid schitzos yelling into the cloud isn’t doing much better. Why don’t you do us all a favor and go put a bullet in your brain, before someone else does. Talk shit to me again and I’ll squeeze the trigger myself.

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Just like a fire, if you get it hot enough, it will burn anything.

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No, no you didn’t. You suspected you had covid, therefore you are a goddamned sheep. You get no pats on the back, you’re a fucking retard.

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