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FBI are tranny loving faggots who beat their wife. Then get beat by their wife’s boyfriend

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Currently the truck has to be 2011 or newer. By 2035 no diesel trucks can operate. It’s hilarious because there are no commercial available long haul semis. And battery technology isn’t improving enough to make them a reality within the next decade.

Battery powered semis aren’t even practical. Batteries are too heavy and they’re not even green. Hydrogen fuel cells could work but Nikola is a big scam. The thing that is both green and efficient enough are hybrids. The fact that hybrids will also be banned just shows how retarded California is. They don’t understand what green or not is

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This is insane. More children have died from the “vaccine” than from Covid

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I refuse to ever get a blood transfusion or receive an organ transplant. I would rather die like god intended than get poisoned blood or organs. I took myself off the organ donor registry last week after hearing about the guy in Colorado who is being taken off the transplant list because he’s not “vaxxed”. I suggest everyone do the same. Our blood and body parts are more valuable to them than they’ll admit

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What? Besides Alaska obviously.

  1. Florida - 8436 miles of coastline

  2. Louisiana - 7721 miles of coastline

  3. Maine - 3478 miles of coastline

  4. California - 3427 miles of coastline

Florida has over twice as much coastline as California. Hell, even the Ozarks has more shoreline than the entire state of California.

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Florida has the largest coastline of any state

Other than Louisiana, it’s not even close to California or any other state

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Don’t worry, these were just small mom and pop businesses. The large chain retailers and restaurants are still open

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There is no comirnaty “vaccines” available. It might be the same formula as the EUA, but it won’t be available until 2023 at the earliest when the phase 3 trials are done. It should never get approved. Unfortunately we live in clown world. There have been more deaths and more complications from these “vaccines” than all other vaccines in history... Combined.

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Elon musk is a moron who doesn’t understand the difference between science fiction and reality. He is a dumb persons idea of a smart person. His companies only survive with gibs

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