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Epstein used them as pawns. You could appreciate them as wives.

What do you prefer?

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Good on this guy but don't get too caught up in this grovelling "based, blacks" mentality.

Just treat them like human beings and not like they're some group that, if your political side has their favour, then you're "winning."

Blacks aren't that special; don't get to ahead of yourselves.

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My guess is they want him to seem like he's too busy going over maps of territories and discussing strategies with generals right before he shows up at these events that he doesn't have time to suit up.

What a fucking hero.

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As Elon Musk so poignantly said: "The woke mind virus is the biggest threat to humanity."

I'm possibly paraphrasing here, of course.

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I'm not reading what this swine says to maintain a pleasant mood but has he started with the "my fellow whites" shit yet?

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One hundred

and nine

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Thank you to this guy for not calling them Nazis.

It's not even accurate! They're leftists. Stasi also works in this context.

Calling people Nazis is just as annoying as hearing people call people/things anti-semitic.

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Fun fact: It basically means "shoe maker." People chose their names after professions during certain periods. For example, names like: baker, shepherd, smith (as in one who smiths), etc are examples of this.

House of names (.com): "The name Schumer is derived from the Old German words "schuoch" and the suffix "mann," which means shoe maker."

I just like sharing this stuff. I don't mean to "acktually" your joke.

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I know there may be actual pedophiles involved but please don't confuse ephebophiles and hebephiles with pedophiles.

Hebe/ephebophils are naturally attracted to pubescent people which is totally natural and I see it becoming accepted more and more.

It's entirely natural but to give an example: think of it as the difference between a normal person who happens to be a homosexual and a drag queen homo groomer.

We don't want to be lumped in with the weirdos and we want to be understand and respected.

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I'm not strictly religious but isn't it quackin' crazy how these two recent illnesses are tied to homos? It's almost like humanity has been warned about this through the messages imparted on us by higher entities and passed on through religious texts.

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The irony in their statement is that the culture is shifting away from this stuff. That's why they lost money....

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Ha! They're doing the "no, (blank) isn't happening," - a few months later - "okay, (blank) is happening but here's why that's a good thing/why it isn't that bad."

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Karen is a slur used to silence white women's legitimate greivances. If you use it, you are anti-white. The context is unimportant because it is used no matter what, even if they complaint is valid.

Stop using the term "Karen."

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They do. It's some kind of derangement but aleast they wear it with pride so you can tell who's off their rocker.

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Look into freen energy space-time antennas.

Scientists will learn about free energy in the coming years and soon after, it will be accepted by the public.

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Defamation against who? isn;t that detail kind of important?

I don't care enough to look it up for myself, to be honest.

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This is just the Left's equivalent of "Q anon" but without the mystique.

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I'm gonna say this until I think it's getting through to you people: the energy you have put into sharing you truth and shedding light on these issues is paying off and you should really take a moment to pat yourselves on the back.

This wouldn't be happening without people like you, as well as others.

The paradigm is shifting because we refused to give up, be bainwashed, and become demoralized/afraid.

The old power structures are breaking down and our decendants will live in a more joyful, honest, and compassionate world.

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I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong but you people are so pessimistic that it's sad and I almost refuse to read comments here because you kinds of people are so glum.

Your kind permeate every comments section of something that could be promising just to act as a damper and spread your negativity.

If you have no hope for any of this then find a different forum.

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I've been saying this was going to happen!

Sweet vindication.

Now, hopefully, they'll also have their medical licenses revoked if found guilty.

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I don't think this one's gonna be a big issue but I have warned, consistently, that there will be an event (not sure what exactly) that will cause a global internet outage along with data corruption. But that, from what I heard, will be any data that is (or can be) connected to via the internet but the data should be safe if backe don on devices that are not, and do not, connect to the internet.

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