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polka style music 🎶


someone yelling in Spanish

multiple dogs barking for 5 minutes straight

motors starting up

This is all at 11pm on a Wednesday night, mind you

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It’s been an invasion since Obama’s first term.

Go to any major city now, millions of illegals. If we don’t deport them all, our country is finished. We will end up like South Africa.

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Well, the majority of Americans voted for DJT and look what happened.

It’s who is counting the votes that matters, not who gets the most votes.

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Your mistake would be in assuming that an anonymous account on the internet known only as “Q” is a trustworthy source of information.

It just makes you gullible.

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Your intuition is correct.

That’s the whole idea behind Q Anon. Pied piper the targeted demographic into believing a nonsense narrative. Then discredit the psyop nonsense publicly. So it makes the stuff that’s actually true appear to be “just another kooky Trumptard conspiracy theory” to everyone else.

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Mike Epps? Lol. The ADL must have really lowered the bar with their recent wave of new hires.

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If you’re dumb enough to still be lapping up the fake outrage, you deserve to be flown over.

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If this site actually wasnt compromised, you know that these types of posts would reach the top of the front page.

Instead we literally have posts saying we need to wait until November 2024 to start winning again, just keep calm patriots. Lol.

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He sure seems to have a hard-on for those “based” GOP Mexicans lately. They’re gonna make America great again, just hold the line for 2 more weeks. It’s just amnesty, people, chill out.

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They love it when you call them Nazis. It helps distract you from the fact that they’re really Bolshevik small hat wearers.

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It is afraid.

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Same early life as the judge who issued the warrant for the raid.

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But if someone chooses to follow an illegitimate and unconstitutional law…that’s just…I mean that’s just beyond cucked. May as well bend over for your oppressors so they can get it in you a little deeper.

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I’m not suggesting anything in particular. Just indicating the current situation we find ourselves in.

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