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Kek. Love this. Keep going pede!

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My deepest condolences pede. May you have peace in these turbulent times.

Please know that he will live forever in your heart of hearts (and unfortunately every year when the Democrats use him for his votes!)

But seriously I will hold you in my prayers. Stay strong fren! God Bless.

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Unless I hear a full throated endorsement of Trump's policies I have no sympathy. Keep voting for Democrats. Suckers.

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"He added that Trump 'has demonstrated a level of campaign savvy and discipline that I didn't see from him in 2020 that I didn't see from them in 2016.' He said the 'singular smartest thing' the Trump campaign had done was put over $20 million in ad dollars attacking DeSantis before the governor could even launch his own race..."

I remember when there were pedes on here bemoaning the fact that Trump was smacking down DisLoyal. For the most part I have always believed in Let Trump be Trump. For those who are doubting GEOTUS and his wisdom when it comes to the campaign trail, you haven't been paying attention.

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Nightmare squares. Love it. I call it a pocket-sized portal to hell.

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I have heard this as an excuse even from conservatives. I like Donald Trump but....Quite annoying. This is not the time to wear kid gloves with those who seek to destroy this country.

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It is exactly this accusation that made me take a serious look at Trump the first time I voted for him. Anyone over a certain age who isn't brain dead would know thar this is a complete lie.

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Was talking about that traitor this morning. Have they given her a cabinet position yet?

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