HalfricanAmericanMan 11 points ago +12 / -1

The black people take was still based.

Sad that it wasn't indicative of any other functioning brain cells.

HalfricanAmericanMan 19 points ago +23 / -4

That's not what he meant. We pressed him for a source on his argument and he said he wasn't my "googlebitch".

He's denying what the doc is asserting.

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USA Today already dropped his comic. Which is fine--who the fuck reads NEWSPAPERS anymore? LMAO

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Thanks for newsflash that Democrat cities are corrupt shitholes. Already knew that.

Doesn't change what I've said.

HalfricanAmericanMan 16 points ago +31 / -15

He just posted a video stating he was going to stay away from black people and stop supporting black causes because the majority of them hate him just for being white and he'll be painted as a racist either way.

It might not 100% redeem the man but that's incontrovertibly based.

HalfricanAmericanMan -29 points ago +22 / -51

The Vax bullshit wasn't great. But he's been shockingly based as of late.

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