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Suuuuuure...from a web forum that openly wants a country that's....

Nothing but white people

No politicians

No federal government

No police

No doctors. ANY health care workers.

Thinks Vladimir Putin is the best ruler in the world.

I probably missed some of the ridiculous shit that's posted daily here. This place is a laughing stock on the internet these days. The mods have very clearly lost control.

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You tell them all where to meet you General and I'm positive they'll all be there to follow you to victory!

Oh that's right, mom won't let you barrow the car.

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That's actually the only way this stops now.

Go ahead dipshits call me a glowie for agreeing with the truth.

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Look around here, this forum uses a social credit score format. These little muppets absolutely eat it up. They've been conditioned to accept good boy points for following along with the narrative EVEN ON HERE.

In short, we're fucked.

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Nothing has changed. She's a hollow despicable husk of a human. She's their little pet, a fucking Gucci bag dog and she's fine with that as long as she gets money.

This thing is everything a human being should never aspire to be. Zero self respect , zero morality, and zero soul.

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Please start the fight so I can live my video game fantasies...problem is that's not real life.

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The love of social credit scores is strong with this no life real life loser.

BTW a strawman argument is arguing a point that has no merit. Social credit scores literally award points for following the popular narrative.

Meanwhile you are arguing that that's not how upvote/downvote forums work.

You're the strawman you fucking muppet.

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That's what a lot of people here have no idea of. Of course most are kids or foreigners.

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And my question was " why are you worried about your forum social credit score"?

Social credit scores literally give you a score for following along with accepted narratives. That's exactly what up/down vote forum scores are.

Keep on with the gaslighting loser. Tell everyone you have no real life friends and need self validation from imaginary points. Then when you can't get actual real life credit or a job or possibly arrested in a few years because you said a mean thing, you won't be surprised.

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The second law ever written in this republic, right after the one that outlawed the government from censoring speech.

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Far from a strawman. That's what I love about you morons. As long as you're getting validation no matter how, it's all good.

When social credit scores become real life after they steal 2024. You might get it but probably not, you'll just bitch and stay ignorant.

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A random kid on the internet who can't even figure out he's being conditioned to accept social credit scores as normal and validation of his opinion?

Nah I'll pass.

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Exactly this. People need to start to realize and understand no one's coming to save us this time. It's up to the people to stop this

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Only he just did exactly that and three quarters of this site claimed he wanted the constitution suspended 🙄

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Yeah bullshit. Tell me you want a social credit score some more. Sad how you muppets need self validation by people you're never going to meet and have zero effect on your life.

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Mushroom stamp right in the middle of Hollywood's forehead.

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Why are you worried about your forum social credit score?

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There are no elections only installments.

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Stop being a helpless little bitch. No one is going to save you pussy.

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They fully fucking expected this situation dumb fuck.


Hell! The entire constitution is written as to anticipate and outline how this exact situation should be dealt with.

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