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She's being fake and gay about being fake and gay.

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It's not looking good for Jr. on that thread right now. All of the top comments are about brcc calling J6ers terrorists and them kicking Kyle when he was down.

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So cool. Thanks Op. I'm going to look for more videos either in this series or similar.

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You can spread the information far & wide and pray that the public wakes up.

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I read a very interesting article about Bidens dad and his absolute obsession with joining the wealthy elite. I posted it here a couple of months ago but ended up deleting it from lack of interest. The article was exhaustive however. I'll take a look around for it if you're interested.

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It's true. Very easily verified. They're all swimming in the same disgusting stew.

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I was just laid off this morning a couple hours before I was supposed to go in.

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"He actually named the real culprits behind wokeism. Or the "woke mind virus", as he labels it. I mean the real think tanks" 🎯 Think tanks are behind all of this crap. Trans kids. Abortion. Lgbt mafia etc. etc.

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Most people will crumble from a nicely timed/placed body blow. People who haven't been trained to fight are head hunters and are never expecting it or know how to defend. Just food for thought.

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Nice catch on the 911 upvotes.

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With this failure, the Pentagon has kept its spot as the only US government agency to have never passed a comprehensive audit. It also highlights the US war department’s persistent lack of internal financial control, its poor budget estimations and rampant overspending. They Forgot Corruption.

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