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2 decades of war. Thousands of lives lost. Trillions of dollars wasted. Humiliation on a global scale. Unvetted Afghanis being "placed" in red states by the tens of thousands.

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Notice how no one in the video has any clue how to act in a civilized society? I love the Bill of Rights. I love The Constitution. I loathe an insane amount of my fellow "countrymen".

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That's funny.

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Does it say the entire state is flooded? You're retarded and should really think twice before posting retarded shit.

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I don't think Chyna has the technology. The CCP are notorious for their bullshit propaganda. Fuck China. China is asshoe.

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The Blind Items on CSDN (Crazy Days And Nights) are one of my guilty pleasures. Enty the guy who posts the blind items has been getting red pilled over time and you can tell. He goes hard on many corrupt California politicians. Anyways Bill Mitchell is a huge Bill Mitchell.

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Lol. Like this hasn't been planned since well before Hillary. President Trump just got in the way with his America first policies .

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^ this has the potential to be the best show in the history of entertainment folks. Even bigger than The Apprentice, if you really think about it.

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If you listen closely it's still whistling away to this very day.

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I am amazed at the number of pedes that don't know about Salty Cracker. We must've grown quite a bit or their are a lot of short memories around here. Probably both, either way Salty is the real deal and is always on patriots.win. If you don't care for his style, fair enough I get it. You don't like to laugh. But if you're trying to talk shit about him taking "content" or profiting off this place then you're either retarded or have nefarious motives. Salty is as based as based can be.

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Same fren. I post this every couple weeks and it never gets old.

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Everyone waiting around for a leader while Andrew Torba is single handedly building a parallel economy/ society. Torba is the definition of based.

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Heston was the real deal. If you haven't watched The 10 Commandments lately (or ever) you should watch it. The opening statement by the director Cecil B Demille about the nature of evil and mans struggles/triumphs is worth the price of admission alone as they used to say. Heston also made a documentary about the bible in the holy land which is probably the most based thing I've ever seen. He has a real love, appreciation and understanding of western values and customs. Anyways if you've read all this, MAGA 🇺🇸

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