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Sounds Great! When are we arresting the Judges making all this crime possible by turning a cheek?

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The USA Government is the most dangerous and criminal organization in human history and the destiny of the USA will be one of extreme violence.

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Fuentes is Radioactive.

Democrats love all this stuff.

Its proving them right about MAGA being Racists and your letting it happen and even joining in because some gangsters in the music industry mistreated a mentally ill rapper with a giant and stupid big mouth.

There are consequences. Real ones in the form of losing support for Trump.

You have no idea what this is really costing and you seemingly do not care.

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We all know the answer but none of it matters without courts to do something about it.

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They figured out how to stop Trump. They are just dividing MAGA.

Those who hate Jews will stick with Trump. Jews and those who do not hate Jews or do not feel they want to be with the radical right will all vote DeSantis.

Either way its good for Democrats. Whatever they paid Kanye West, they are getting their money's worth.

Not only will Jews flee MAGA, who last time voted Trump about 30-40%, but many other minorities will leave with them.

Trump won't like it, but he will be left with a minority of primary angry white males who at long last will fit the exact Demographics they have been calling MAGA for so long. Its bad that its happening but impressive to see how it happened.

They will turn this political movement into a GAB or VOAT for politics and get everyone else to support someone else.

Same as the Internet, your free to do and say what you like but all the people who disagree will demand you be silenced or they will leave.

Sad watching MAGA shoot its own feet because of the ill informed notion that an entire race of people are colluding to destroy the only country that enables them to be safe and successful.

Western Values are not personified here because we judge individuals based on merit and their deeds, like god, or a court, but for Jews we use other standards and then wonder why everyone calls us racists. Its asinine and stupid how bad this side is at politics.

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And here I am looking to get an illegal sub machine gun and a few grenades. /s

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This current phase of the PsyOp is Awesome. They are flagging Radicals on the Left and the Right and profiling them all perfectly.

Its glorious.

I now see how it all comes together.

Reminds me of Chairman Mao's 100 Flowers Campaign.

Shame its an unhappy ending though.

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I do tech support for general public. In last year I have seen more hacked and compromised apple customers then I have in my 20 years career combined.

And every time the same thing seemed apparent. These clients were being compromised from the inside somehow. Like, somehow people were getting their Apple Passwords and really messing with them.

I do not trust Apple.

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Many celebrities were accustomed to and used to the Pre-Internet age where everything was a ONE WAY STREET.

So they made Twitter into a one way street so they could feel more at home.

It gives us all great pleasure to see their bubble burst.

Carey may be funny on a screen. Enjoyable even.

But as a man he is petty, small, obtuse, weak, unreasonable, emotional, spoiled, entitled, illogical, perverse, and generally just another hollywood prostitute with a bad attitude.

The Town Square of Twitter will live well beyond all of these leftists leaving and watching them leave to echo chambers I have never heard of is so gratifying.

I like enjoying how Elon spends his money. I know he is hard to read but I really want to revere Musk.

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DOG = GOD backwards.

How we treat Dog's may all on its own be how God Judges us.

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XPhone would be awesome. Just imagine. Everyone would leave the Google and Apple shit in a heartbeat.

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Funny im trying to get out of Canada. 3 Attempts so far.

They do not like the non-vaccinated stepping out for some air into the USA.

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WEF is the 4th Reich.

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Im prepared to become a criminal before I ever accept or spend Digital Fiat in any shape or form. As it is now I hate the banking system and want people to pay me and let me pay with Bitcoin.

Sadly most people are ignorant, stupid, lazy, and obtuse.

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