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For me I was hopeful we could overcome it.

Obviously that didn’t work out.

Not excited about the 4th box.

So surprised isn’t the correct word, saddened is more like it.

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Katie Hobbs declares Katie Hobbs the winner.


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To buy votes from people who never owned slaves. And never were slaves.

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That sweater vest is the corruption.

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Haha stop noticing these things you untrained medical customer. 🤣

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It surprised us too when our chiro mentioned it… hope it helps fren!

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Not gonna fight with you because thumpers like you are damn stubborn.

My point is you are trying to be his eternal judge. Because you saw a picture.

Pretty sure there is only one judge for our eternal souls and He even said we shouldn’t judge.

Maybe just be happy we have someone actually releasing info instead of making us wait two weeks.

Or go back to the support group and hope someone will come along to help.

Makes no difference to me. My soul is good, unless you want to judge that too.

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Haha that’s due to the super smart medical folks prescribing it for RSV.

As if the medical establishment hasn’t ruined its reputation enough already.

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My son had recurrent ear infections.

Chiropractor fixed them. I know because we got lazy and stopped going and he got another one.

Has to do with the way the head is attached to spine, easy adjustment for chiro to keep things working.

Find a good one and go monthly.

There are good online recipes for ear infections too if you look around. Good luck!

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Absolutely. Investigate and deal with it.

3 letters, homeland, etc all reports to Trump tho.

So even if a dem operative in the agencies still a Trump admin issue.

I don’t care who violated my 1A, they need to go down.

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Still members of the Trump admin, in October 2020.

If it was other representatives then investigate.

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As far as McEnany goes yes the question was why.

It is less clear and actually sounds as if Twitter honored Trump requests (see post 10 of the drop).

Could be asking why, could be asking for a ban/censoring.

Ultimately if anyone (even Trump people) from the government violated our 1A they should be charged/tried/dealt with.

Hope we hear more about Covid censoring. That’s squarely in the Biden court.

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He’s talking about post 10.

10.Both parties had access to these tools. For instance, in 2020, requests from both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign were received and honored.

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