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They don't care because the biggest blow back they'll ever get is a couple of grumpy old midwesterners grumbling on the internet

Democrats are mad about something they take to the streets in my protest and they burn things down and they try to smash down the door is at the opposition's houses that gets results. You might not like it but it gets results

When Republicans are mad about something? They grumble on the internet and keep their heads down

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We need to win da races and get loyal judges appointed.

Having prosecutors and da's who agree with us would help VASTLY and having biased maga judges would help too

We need to take control of the justice system in ever placee

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Reminder that trump had an ambitious infrastructure plan and republicans obstructed it

Theyd rather work with a democrat like biden than Republicans

They ARE big govt dc liberals with an r next to their name

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Conservatives have been kicked off of every social media platform on the internet

Theyve been banned from most news outlets

Theyve been banned from speaking

And u can get fired for something as simple as bumper stickerr

Conservatives n longer have the ability to decide who gets elected in ANY office

U allowed democrats to take over free speech and this is the result

U have no influence ANYWHEREE

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They weren't. The written word was a good thing. The printing press was a good thing. The telephone the TV the radio and the internet we're all good things. Old conservatives hate all of those things because they help improve the flow of information. They help make people more educated. And conservative evangelicalism is specifically against education because they want to keep people stupid. The more stupid you are the more easily you can fall for conservative bullshit

People who are educated are less likely to be Evangelical hate-filled nut jobs who think women belong in the kitchen and black people belong in separate bathroomss

So conservatives hate any new thing that would help people be more informed. Because then people might realize that the free market is bullshit and if you really value freedom you would want regulations on capitalism because it would only lead to more suffering

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Regeneration is like that. Including yours. It is nothing to do with the things you complain about. It's just about how you are. You're used to not being part of the rest of society because living in middle and southern America you're pretty much cut off from the rest of the world anyway. So you don't really care about things like Twitter or Facebook because you're used to not being part of the rest of the world. Living in your own disconnected part of the world Frozen in time in the 1800s..

You're actually quite scared of the rest of the world because it's several hundred years further ahead than you and ur town

Both technologically infrastructurally and progressively

Having far more infrastructure and far greater advancements than your 1800s level town. Believing in things like women in the workplace and gay marriage while you are isolated midwestern townn still believes that women should be housewives and subservient to their husbandss

So it doesn't break you up too much to cut yourself off from the rest of the world.

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You have to use their own logic against them. Facts don't work on liberals because liberals don't care about facts. They all know they're lying they have an agenda. But when you can spend their own talking points on them

Point out what the CDC director said and call them anti-science

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Did anyone get the vax that can send me a blank template of the vaccine passport?

I dont need any identifting info

Just a blank copy i can use and the exact size dimensions

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I disagree

Been election fraud is a major news story. Even if they try to debunk it they still cover it. The issue you see with the media not covering important stories is because the Republican party doesn't get behind it.. the Republican party still being big enough that when they all unify behind a narrative that narrative gain traction..

It's just that for the most part the Republican Party generally agrees with Democrats and does not unify around narratives that benefit the Republican Party there's only a few rare exceptions such as somewhat towards the voter fraud with about 40% of the Republican Party unifying around it and 40% of the American people believing it and a few others

I mean just look at how many Americans started to question the Russia conspiracy theories after the Republican Party decided that it was time to get behind Trump instead of trying to destroy him..

At first Lindsey Graham was threatening to impeach Donald Trump over the Mueller thing. Then once they realized they could fundraise off of him they all got behind him and everybody questioned it..

The Republican Party can make things happen. It's that they usually choose not to because they're just controlled opposition for the Democrats..

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You have to remember that all liberals are liars. They will say and do anything if they think it would benefit their party so they will support CNN and MSNBC etc if it's benefiting their party but if they report something that doesn't benefit their party suddenly It's all fake news. Liberals will turn on a dime because the only consistent thing about liberals is that they will say and do anything for their party..

They put party over country..

Will call every single outlet in the world from Breitbart to Fox News on daily wire daily Caller gateway pundit Red State American thinker and thousands of others all fake news and then claim your conspiracy theorist for not trusting the free press. They will defend to the death people like George Bush who they constantly criticized because George Bush decided to help them against Trump..

Liberals have no philosophy. They have no morals.. it is always whatever benefits their party..

They will knowingly lie. You have to remember that. No liberal is openly telling you the truth. No liberal truly believes everything he's saying he will tell you what he thinks will work. And he takes advantage of the fact that you're trying to have an honest debate with him because he's not trying to have an honest debate with you..

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Did anyone get the vax that can send me a blank template of the vaccine passport?

I dont need any identifting info

Just a blank copy i can use and the exact size dimensions

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I love listening to old people go on about how "all these newfangled things the kids do is bad! Back in my day we didnt have all these newfangled things and did just fine!!"

Yea ok gramps. Your parents and grandparents were saying the exact same thing about you when you used things that they didn't have when THEY were younger (such as the telephone or the radio or the television or rock and roll)

If theress one thing you can count on every generation it's that that generation's old people will be complaining about whatever they think th young ppl are doing and claiming they dont "need" these new inventions..

Your parents didn't think you needed Rock and roll. Your grandparents didn't think you needed television or radio.. the generation before that thought you read too much newspapers. The generation before that thought you didn't need the telephone. The generation before that thought you didn't need cars. Go back far enough and you'll see generation old people complaining about the printing press. Go back far enough and you'll see Greek philosophers complaining that the "written word" would "corrupt the youth""

Old people are scared of new things. It comes with the territory. And they will ALWAYS complain about whatever the newest thing is. Always claiming that it was better off before

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Thats the wrong one

Ppl are saying the new one has "or" on the second line

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If i can prove im not a fed could i get a blank copy of one? U dont have to mail anything. Just use photoshop to make it blank and send me the exact size dimensions?

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They have in the past. Everybody knew about the Benghazi investigation..

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Parts of the media would cover it. I mean firstly Republican should be cracking down on the media and passing regulations to make them honest but being that they won't do that the media would still cover it.. only a small percentage of the GOP Congress pushed the voter fraud stuff and that still made it into the main street.. whenever the Republican party is even partly unified behind a narrative people hear about it..

I mean there was still constant coverage of the Benghazi hearings.. so let's not pretend like it would do nothing

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