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I'm getting a dreadful sinking feeling that she's a Deep State asset.

The C.I.A. will use any 'protest' and resulting disturbance as a pretext for assassinating President Trump. If there is a crowd there protesting, it will only put the President's life in danger.

MTG's vacuous, theatrical actions and hollow threats are not helping the President. She needs to stay at home with fellow asset McCarthy.

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Exquisitely put.This is what the psychopaths want.

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This is something that many people have to learn. They will kill us before they give up this power.

This regime is permanent. Until we end it.

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Fucking bullshit.

Biden's C.I.A. handlers brief him all of their plans in advance. He even accidentally blurts them out before they're operational at press conferences.

by Bullgod
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Translated: In the pocket of the Deep State.

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They're not our government, friend, they're a Deep State-installed junta.

A totalitarian regime.

A tyrannical regime.

A C.I.A. regime.

No, not an elected government, at all.

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So true. Death by a thousand cuts. Hence the Deep State orchestrated 'mass shootings', to provide a flimsy excuse to change the Constitution. They are desperate to remove the Second Amendment - and, of course, our guns. When we are defenseless, as you said, they will herd us into the cattle-cars.

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Well, I guess it would be on a par with Roosevelt actually allowing Pearl Harbor to happen when he could have easily prevented it.


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I just read your comment.

It's informed, decently expressed and well worth exploring. I have been here, mentally, myself. If he is controlled opposition, I would say it's not by choice, but due to lethal threats to himself and his family.

If it is all theater, why did they go to so much trouble to erect this stage, write this script, enrol all the players? What an exercise in redundancy. They've been in total control since 1963... Why the labyrinthine performance art?

Let's see what unfolds.

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'We're a puppet country controlled by specialized outside interests who make you believe you have a say in how things run.'

We've been this way from 1913, I agree.

President Trump, like President Kennedy before him, was a ray of hope, a possibility that our servitude to the globalist Elite may be terminated.

Sadly, neither could achieve our freedom. Both were simply one man up against a vast, ancient machine.

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He was hamstrung from the beginning by the embedded minions of the Deep State, both in the Republican Party and, of course, the Democratic Party. He did his very best, but was sabotaged every single inch of the way. One positive lasting metric for middle class white America ? The one that stands out for me is keeping us out out of Deep State-M.I.C instigated invasions/wars. On the local front, he gave us our self-respect back and made us aware of who are enemies actually are. So much damage had already been done to middle class and, more importantly, working class American life that even if he wasn't being continually hamstrung, four years would not have been enough time to simply reverse decades of erosion.

He was tackling the outsourcing of our working class jobs to China, but the 'pandemic' stopped everything dead and this was done precisely to stop his merited attack on China's manufacturing monopoly, which was created by Bill Clinton's act of allowing China onto the world trade stage.

President Trump made us proud to be American. And for that alone, he should be applauded.

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This is precisely what's happening. I think they're terrified of assassinating him, because they know they'll all end up swinging from lampposts, so they're going down the 'indictment' route, the gutless bastards. Either way, they'll lose, they just can't see it, at the moment. All they're doing is dropping bombs into an active volcano, and one day it's gonna blow up in their fucking faces.

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Demolish them all.

Keep the Constitution and its Second Amendment intact - that's all we need to preserve and utilize.

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