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Atheism means you think you know for sure that there isn't.

Agnostic means "I don't know."


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Thanks. I never say anything, but yeah a big pet peeve of mine is jerks who can't even manage a stable relationship and finding a wife... preaching about what they think they'd do if they had kids. I mean it's fine to think about it, of course... but to judge others when you don't even have a kid yourself? Nah... not really okay.

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That's a really good question too. Like wtf... and do they not realize they're evil? Do they literally think that the devil is the good guy and they're going to be rewarded? (I bet those screwed up m-fers do think that.)

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I think they're in for a rude awakening on that. (Hope I'm right.)

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They don't really even want democracy though. Their ideas would not flourish / pass under democracy. Maybe in the future, with their hordes of "immigrants." But American now and in the past doesn't approve of them.

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Get ready for "they burned the school boards' homes ahead of checking if anyone was inside."

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Society suffers at these peoples' existence . Just saying.

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holy shit that sentence I wrote was a cluster . typing too fast.

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