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Because our side is addicted to hopium and copium like homeless camp devouring meth.

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Only if we wipe out the White libtards first. Everyone else might suddenly smarten up nigh instantly then.

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Marxists believe the end justifies the means so no amount of "evidence" will ever matter to them. They MUST win no matter what, thus the only way to stop them is to destroy them.

And I mean destroy them utterly.

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I'm on the fence about the train derailments.

On one hand, I could totally see them as acts of terrorist sabotage by foreign powers or our domestic enemies.

However, our infrastructure is fucked up due to non-investment in our rails, our rail tech is old and shitty, and I wonder if the railworker unions now are DEI / SJW / Woketards and diversity hires who can't or won't do their damn job.

So I'm unsure who/what is to blame. Of course, with the MSM giving fog of war to our enemies, it's basically impossible to get the true story.

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Why would Biden not get re-installed? 2020 was never fixed so Trump wins in 2024 and Biden gets his 2nd term at 3am.

Seriously, why does anyone think 2024 would be a real election or that the Demonrats will ever relinquish the White House to MAGA?

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If there was RED STATE SECESSION, then we could remove all hyphenation and just be Americans. Until then, it's just accelerating collapse into marxism.

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I want a heat seeking incendiary .50 cal AR-15!! Except are we talking empty moving boxes or ones filled with dead Democrats?

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The left just has continue accelerating a decade or two at most. Then most patriots will be in their 60s or older and their indoctrinated leftist kids will happily turn in bad grandpa's guns. GenZ and GenA will be happy to obey.

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Dilbert Dude was right for once so Whitey better listen up and smarten up.

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It's high time for Whitey to wake the fuck up.

War is coming fast.

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Agreed. Aliens landing, flat earth, lizard people - none would be a big deal anymore.

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Fun fact - they have cats because the cats put some sense of order in their lives because the cat makes demands that must be met. All the libtard nonsense they would try on a male don't work on the cat so they become submissive to their pets.

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