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She put the job over her unborn son.

Say whatever you want, but she chose it.

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Yep. Also a good debate you dont let them deflect. You hammer the shit out of it. Then come back and beat it to death again to make sure they know how wrong they are.

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We are being blackballed, restricted and taken over and we are still asking about a laptop we all seen a year ago.

Got em!!!

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Ever notice those people who livelaughlove are wishing death, reeee and hate.

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He was targeted because he sucks random dicks, like kamala.

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Id follow her before 99% of our "leaders"

I also feel sorry for all of these lefty kids with my bull of a son becoming a maga chad. Jk I dont feel sorry one bit. His "nursery" is done with Capt America. Looking for a nice American flag wood for over his kiddie bed once his crib is out.

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Autism is definitely not due to no corporal punishment

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Agree. I am glad my boy finished most of his shots before this jab came out. He will not get another shot.

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Pussy disposal? Hey kamala!

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Thank you for helping autistic children pede

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Its on the front cover because they dont care to read anything after that.

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When you have to tell people that, its time to reevaluate if you actually are.

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