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If people think this supply chain problem caused by Biden is strictly happening to baby formula, they are idiots.

Buckle up. This is getting worse.

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This may explain why Democrat men are chopping their genitalia off.

Their genitalia has become obsolete. Like tonsils.

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An injunction will prevent 38% Diaper Joe from getting his way.

Eventually, a Court will rule against him and will require colleges to ensure procedural protections for those accused of rape in universities.

The reason why Trump changed Title IX was because colleges were being sued and were losing in court by those accused of rape and railroaded by highly partisan decision makers.

Now that Biden changed the policy, this then removes the issue from the executive branch and throws the issue to the judicial branch which has already ruled in lower decisions that those accused of rape in college are entitled to constitutional protections.

This was a knee jerk blunder by the Idiot in Chief. He will regret this.

There’s a a reason why this idiot polls at 38%.

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It means Biden wants to return back to the time where after two consenting, inebriated adults in college have sex, then whoever runs to Administration first complaining about rape, gets the other student expelled without counsel or due process.

Also, the Administration tasked with deciding whether to expel a male accused of rape is allowed to put up posters in their offices, “Believe All Women.”

A f—ing joke.

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Joe must have had the NASDAQ chart upside down when he promised he would bring back America.

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NYC is useless.

Every single office job in NYC can be done remotely.

The place should be cratered.

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“But abortion.”

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It is invested in passive funds. Not RTFs, but mutual funds. It really through me for a dizzy when I saw such a large drop in such a short period of time in a relatively diversified portfolio of mutual funds. Albeit, I selected aggressive funds. But hedged with bond funds. All in all, Biden’s economy has been killing people.

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My 401K lost more in single a month than it had gained in 5 months.

Thanks Joe.

And thanks stupid women with college degrees.

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Two women brought the motion to the floor.

One with a black sounding last name.

Who wants to guess that these slags got pulled over by a cop and are mad about it.

Voters in small rural towns got to do a better job vetting their local leaders.