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You know what’s scary? My 24 year old daughter that took the shots and told me about it after the fact was just complaining that her heart is doing “weird things” for the last several months.

What she described to me sounds a lot like afib. Afib is one of the adverse reactions that are part and parcel of taking that stupid shot. I didn’t mention the connection to her bc I don’t want her to quit talking to me about that stuff but I say a prayer every day that my girl will be ok.

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I don’t know bc I don’t live and work in that area anymore. If there were any outages on Bragg they wouldn’t publicly release that info anyway. That would be acknowledging a vulnerability and that doesn’t happen.

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Moore county. Very wealthy area just outside of Bragg. The parts of Bragg that would be affected by this outage are highly sensitive areas. This is one of those things that make you go hmmm.

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yes, vote early and often. bring ballots that you gather from friends, family and neighbors with you. Follow the lead of the dems. The only way to win the game is to play by the same set of rules.

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I hope people in Georgia are out there harvesting ballots for Herschel! He said it: vote early. Do it Georgia, follow the dems lead and harvest those ballots!

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Yea, I should have specified that part about the SSI. I have a quadriplegic since birth nephew that gets SSI.

I was not trying insinuate anything negative about SSI, more just trying to emphasize that social security is not an entitlement. That money came out of my paychecks for over 2 decades. I'm just getting my money back.

and when I read a title that says social security might get cut I get a little more angry than I already am about the direction our country is headed.

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Yes, SSI is need based. I'm currently receiving my social security due to disability but my social security payment is too high to qualify for SSI. SSI is what those that have not worked or paid into the system are getting.

Social security is not an entitlement. That money was taken out of every single paycheck I got for over 25 years. I'm getting my money back.

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I don't know. My exhusband is a devout Christian that has started following some Jewish doctrine such as not eating pork. It is his belief that real Christians are Jewish since Jesus was a Jew or something like that. He's white with Canadian ancestry.

It really makes very little sense to me but much of what he does doesn't make sense to me so I'm not surprised.

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same for me. renting is cheaper than buying here. also since I'm renting I don't have property taxes, home maintenance costs or a yard to maintain.

My older friend that bought a house 2 years ago is getting hit with the costs of home ownership big time now. She had already retired and has had to go back to part time work in order to keep up with the costs of her home. She wants to sell it now and move into an apartment like mine. Totally regrets buying the house.

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Learn to can food and start canning anything you can can. (holy crap that's a lot of cans!)

When meat is on sale buy more than you need and can it.

When veggies are on sale buy more than you need and can them.

I make a lot of soups in my crockpot. I get several days worth of meals from one crockpot of soup. Make a variety of soups so you can can those that can be canned and freeze those that can't be canned.

I use a lot of recipes that call for shredded carrots or celery or onions. I don't eat raw carrots or celery but I always have some left over when I make a recipe. Any leftover veggies like that get blanched and then go in the freezer for future use.

I eat yogurt with fruit for breakfast most days. I buy blueberries and strawberries when they are in season in bulk. I portion them out and freeze them for use in my yogurt when they aren't in season. When my freezer gets too full I make batches of jam with the fruit and can the jam.

I rarely throw any food away if I think it can be used somehow in the future.

When ordering online I refuse to pay shipping. I will order however much I need to in order to get free shipping. If I have to add to my cart for this purpose then I add things I know I'll use but that can be stored for a long period of time: toilet paper, paper towels, OTC meds, etc.

I do not have cable. I pay for internet through the only provider in my area. I use the internet for any TV watching. I only pay for prime streaming service. My family shares accounts on netflix.

I use consumer cellular for my phone, it's the cheapest plan I've found. There's also one called Visible that you can cost share with friends and family but the people I know that use it have pretty spotty coverage.

I barely use heat in my apartment once I'm in bed. During the day the highest I'll put it is 68. If I'm cold I use clothes to stay warm. I have a down comforter and electric blanket but I don't really need the electric blanket with that down comforter.

Ceiling fans circulate the air in your home and can help cut down costs. counter clockwise in the summer, clockwise in the winter. Heat rises so using the ceiling fan in the clockwise direction helps push the heat back down.

I do not eat out anymore, not as a cost saving measure so much as everything has gone to crap since the covid lockdowns. I prefer my own home cooking now and it saves money.

If I'm in the mood for a movie and I can't find one on prime then I go to redbox.com and find a rental there. To save even more money use the redbox vending machines to get the dvd if you still have a dvd player.

I buy spices that I use often in bulk and store them in glass jars.

I only get my hair done every 4 months or so. This used to be every 2-3 months but I've cut that way down. I do not get manicures, pedicures or any of that stuff. If I'm going somewhere fancy and I wanted a manicured look I'll use the glue on french manicure nails.

I have a car that gets almost 40 mpg. A full tank lasts 2 weeks or more unless I go on a trip.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things and as I think of them I'll update this list.

Edit 1: instead of buying decorative storage containers for organizing I use boxes that items have been delivered to me in for anything that will not be seen by visitors. I only use decorative baskets and such for storage of items that are in the open and can be seen.

I make my own evaporated milk from whole milk on the stove top. Instructions for this can be found online easily.

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I cannot believe that's a man. I mean, like I just don't believe that's a biological man.

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the flavor. It's the flavor. As a former diet pepsi drinker that had to switch to caffeine free because I was suffering terrible insomnia... it's the flavor. I drank caffeine free diet pepsi for years. I've been off of soda completely for over 5 years now and I really no longer like them but when I was drinking them it was the flavor.

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As a woman I wouldn't. I prefer that everyone just act civilized but that's not going to happen.

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It's the state of affairs of the world right now. Not just America.

Also, isn't his last name "Bankman Fried" a meme in itself?

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