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"Don't be ashamed of a degenerate/ deviant behavior that you should be completely ashamed about".

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You trying to get me to argue with you? Not gonna do it.

You are correct.

A dynamic I have noticed in the last few years is that black people overall are increasingly savage and discourteous - they fear no repercussions for their behavior. It's as if they finally realized they can act with impunity, and guess what? they DO act with impunity.

Punching random white children on the street? That has skyrocketed. No one will discuss it. Blacks here steal brazenly from front yards. Car chases occur almost daily. I hear gunfire from my house about once a month.

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This event only serves to erode the trust that the mass of normies have for the police.

It helps our cause.

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The last time I opened the door for the police, they put me in handcuffs and put me in the back of their car for an hour. Why, you ask?

I had called 911 to report a bum in my neighborhood who was yelling that he was going to shoot people. The bum made a counter argument that I was going to shoot HIM.

Anyway, officer Wyatt and supervisor Summer were overtly racist blacks who gave the filthy been-in-prison bum the benefit of the doubt and me no benefit of anything.

On top of that, they brought the bum to my house, so now he knows where I live. He has been on my property at least once since this happened. He even knocked on my door. I no longer let my children play in the front yard.

Takeaway: Police won't help you. Black police REALLY REALLY won't help you.

This was in Houston TX a few months ago.

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The revival we need is, sadly, only going to come from the barrel of a gun.

I say this as a student of history.

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In Total Recall, Arnold disguised himself as a woman to sneak onto Mars.

That is what came to mind.

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What's next in our cultural death spiral? How can we go any lower? Oh wait. I know:


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"And don't call me Shirley".

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Also, 95% of all crime is perpetrated by "not white people".

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vdare.com has long been a legitimate site with solid content.

I learned about them back when the great Dr. Franklin Pierce was still alive.

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