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Tell it to that fat jogger Michael Byrd

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Who actually gives a fuck? It’s gone too far. You want the jab? Then get it and fucking die. You can’t save everyone

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HOT TAKE: why should I give 2 fucks what happens in a shithole 3rd world country?

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One of the funniest moments I remember on this site was when she was getting ready to do a press beating, and we were all waiting to watch and someone wrote something like “god I wanna sniff her asshole” and some guy you could tell was old was like IF YOU CANT SHOW ANY RESPECT GET THE FUCK OUT. It had me dying

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That’d be nice as fuck

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Maybe if he was a black fag he would’ve gotten his dick sucked and $100

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Sorry pede just needed to vent I guess. I don’t necessarily hate him but when I wanna talk to him about politics or guns he immediately switches the subject and it’s incredibly frustrating like I can’t see what he’s doing.

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And when you tell them Fox News isn’t the only option, their knowledge about switching cable/simply watching a different network in some cases is too difficult

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He probably had it added onto his commissary so his other jogger friends can get a few ramens

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I always notice my happiness when it’s gone, so when life is going okay and things are going nice I consider myself happy. I also smoke weed/concentrates throughout the day, but yeah.

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The left is so arrogant they will have the DA or whoever else the fuck clean it up before anyone actually does jack shit

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The FBI false flag set up crew

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It’s gone, anyone take a screenshot?

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