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This is not true. J&J and AstraZeneca are same RNA experiential vaccines, same payload. Only difference is that they use a attenuated common cold / adenovirus to get the mRNA instructions into the cells. The same prefusion spike protein is produced by the body.

Pfizer and Moderna do not use the 'adenovirus vector' they use a 'lipid vector' in which an encapsulating lipid bubble passes through the cell wall to deliver the mRNA.

Perhaps you are thinking of NovaVax which contains actual spike protein fragments to train the immune system in the manner of traditional vaccines, and does NOT use mRNA to force the cells to manufacture them. (The comment section in the blog post above is an echo chamber of arrogant assholes but the article itself has good information)

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"Stupidity knows no season."

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HTH (High Test Hypochlorite) is no joke when water hits it. If your nose feels cold and you cannot smell anything at all, run like hell or die by the fourth breath.

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The Shills hated America! But it was free speech, not treason.
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be their head wasn't screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that their pants were too tight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that their ears were two sizes too small.
The news with shrill voices and wide panic eyes
saying bits not quite true, and not strictly lies.
To make sense of it all you must see them as crazy
their emotions run high and their research is lazy.
Yet all through the night as they whimpered or slept,
Promises made, promises kept.
Just on issue and on task as any President should do,
If you think that's not normal,
maybe something's not normal with you.
Yet all that is needed to rise out of this slump
is to read a full transcript of a fine speech by Trump.
Like the one from Whirlpool to cheers and bright faces
It describes our great movement and covers all the main bases.
Well...in Who-ville maybe one day they'll say
that the shill's earses Grew three sizes that day!
Wild party swings are not reasons for tantrums and hate,
they are uniquely American and helped make us great.
By changing our course with a bold swing of the oarses,
to bring good jobs and manufacturing back to our shoreses.
Clarity of purpose or fog, that's the choice we face now,
Even if Biden meant to do good, he just couldn't say how.
A vote cast for Trump is the way Joe is saved,
from the clutch of the wicked, abusive and depraved.
He needs to retire and we do wish him well,
and will hold to account those who put him through hell.
A good balance of autonomy and fairness in trade,
energy and safety were promises made. Yet they shout
"Gestapo! Grinch!" as he laughs standing proud
for when dealing with bullies you must be forceful and loud.
And in the battle with Twitter, Twitter has lost
for they now must delete things no matter the cost.
Let us make our own toys
and our own food for the feast!
And after Trump carves out the hate
may I have a slice of The Daily Beast?

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POLL: Who's your McFavorite Hamburger Clown?

  • Joe McBiden
  • Ronald McDonald
  • Mayor McCheese
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Thank you for posting a quick loading locally-hosted screenshot and not a link to some bloated social media javascript horror. Really!

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Shopping children's faces to look ugly is bad karma. It's Beavis and Butthead dumb. I'm sure their adult handlers are glad to see you targeting the child instead of turning your attention to the adults and organizations themselves.

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NSA is looking for the good 'ol "limited hang out". They'll throw the FBI under the bus for presumably 16,000 FBI requests that were domestic, warrantless and not credibly linkable to the terror groups with the extraordinary powers that were granted to them under the Patriot Act.

While they lift the cup with the pea that represents those 16,000 claims... under the other cup is a pea representing the ~300 million Americans subject to illegal and warrantless wiretaps through their network of fiber splits and dark fiber reroutes to places like Utah, in major interconnect points, and "don't ask don't tell" key-sharing arrangements with telecom and social media companies.

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(waiting for a book deal or paid interview with a conservative news source or social media likes milking) grifters

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Thanks for the information. The end result would be the same if they had used 'Wordpress'. They need to seek help from a skilled, older, reasonably paranoid IT person and the sooner they realize that the better.

We're actually in a good position for safe infrastructure right now, if a paranoid IT person shops around carefully. Plenty of TLD registrars not involved in cancel culture, "as long as it's not illegal" hosting farms, good DDOS protection available from multiple sources. The problem is IT people don't generally know how to build self-reliant completely self-contained site hosting from the ground up.

Subscriber email broadcast is especially troublesome with so many people on gmail, etc. It is very difficult to build email list support -- without predatory cancel companies like Mailchimp whose servers are whitelisted by Google -- without Google shunting to spam.

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I'm oh-so-sorry but this is a Darwin Award.

It is the result of a group who knew from Day One there is a target painted on their back, hiring or receiving 'free' assistance from young idiots who only know how to drop in Web.js super-solutions that result in pretty sites with cool fancy wipes and effects and obscene js loads, delayed serving of crucial components, rampant legacy browser compatability issues (their attitude: use drop in libraries that say FUCK old browsers) ... and not in the least, friendly little cloud solutions that promise glorious uptime but are provided by known corporate fucks like Amazon.

I had visited the Frontliine Doctors site and found the design to be the ultimate in content-obscuring MUSH. Where they should have had early 2000s style simple pages with bare link menus on each page and flowing text and critical things like PDFs served directly from links (iin-line viewer optional and self-hosted) and prominently linked, images statically inlined, the site was plagued by delayed js loads and js-only links and pulldown menus (that work or fail completely, hiding connecting links from web crawlers) that make it impossible to save pages to disk or archive critical information properly. Because some corporate goofball didn't know how to HTML by hand and build a simple site on one host.

Like this site patriots.win is hosted on real hosts behind generic Cloudflare DDOS gateway protection. Now Cloudflare is on the edge of cancel culture fuckery as well but there are 'offshore' alternatives that offer a reasonable DDOS front end to hide servers from attack, and I hope the mods are researching Cloudflare alternatives this very moment.

But Frontline Doctors have to hire someone 50 years or older to implement their website.

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Thanks for the deep entertaining thread. It happens all the time on Reddit but here the novelty hasn't worn off.

Super perfundo on the early eve of your day.

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... just wait until the teevee makes them expert 'psychologists' and explains that your tragic condition needs 'intervention'. Every dystopian scifi becomes real.

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haha, you win!! I've blown up Windows 95 icons that look better than that!

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THANK YOU for partitioning mobile/desktop. The initial static load is essential for desktops and not optimal for mobile clients, who benefit more from a db/backend JSON approach with a sliding window so initial load completes quickly. Early browser detection (from separate hostname if necessary) and a parallel codebase is the good approach. The rest of the net is doing it wrong, and what most often happens is desktop users are being forced to swallow ridiculous mobile compromises and bloated js abominations that build all the content HTML client-side.

Desktop static page loads are damned quick and will stay that way. And when you serve desktops lots of text the server doesn't have to serve them again for a 'long time' as people are busy reading.

For example, this topic page initial load is now ~154,398 bytes HTML to present ~29,642 bytes of plain visible text on the page. That's good but could be better.

I would like to see the initial page message threshold increased to show more messages, maybe even twice as much, so for 'top' more messages are selected for the initial page. The cutoff point for 'top' and 'worst' (and some black hole space in between) is resulting in valuable messages with 1 point or 0 point to drop off the edge of the 'top' world too quickly, disappearing from the list before they have a reasonable chance to gain upvotes.

Case in point: this message. It has now disappeared from the initial load within 5 minutes. I'm just speaking to you and myself now.

Thank you for all you do!

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Holy shit. This image need more JPEG compression artifacts.

LOL I hear ya. But Here you go! Got the size down to 24k!

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It's time for deplorable gitmo and deplorable gulag to start trending in popular speech and keep trending outside of the bullshit hashtag realm where anything can be algorithmically suppressed.

It needs to be worked into conversation, those salted words. In on-screen interviews even for unrelated topics. Let the news people try to chop up interviews with people who are recording them independently, so a side by side comparison helps to reveal the 'news' networks' complicity in pushing for indefinite detention for political prisoners.

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Fuck yes BMW is German and Volkswagen is German and Farben is German and they were at war then and using the swastika was for them as patriotic as using an American flag in a logo is to us today. What's the deal?

This is shallow pond thinking and the very same SJW shit we're trying to cast out of the world. What's the action item here, really, what does it accomplish? It's one thing to go after people and call them out for hypocrisy within their political careers. But the value of this call-out is, $0.00. It's another time wasting distraction. If I reminded everyone at the dinner table that German corporations were in league with the Nazis I would be branded a fool. In league with the Nazis instead of what, exactly? Burning their factories to the ground and going into hiding? The problem with this SJW shit is that there is some unspoken 'action item', as in 'this is proof that they didn't do the right thing' which is childish and untenable.

It's history and the people who cast that hood ornament are dead. We don't want a Beavis and Butthead world. Do we?

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please add, https://youtu.be/-_NNTVJzqtY , Three hour Dark Horse podcast, a valuable discussion which includes the Pfizer-confidential Distribution Study recently obtained by FOIA/Japan.

also https://www.naturalnews.com/files/Pfizer-bio-distribution-confidential-document-translated-to-english.pdf the actual study translated into English
This is relevant radio-isotope study of the lipid (not the whole vaccine with mRNA) but nevertheless proves that Pfizer and Moderna will escape the injection site and (shocking!) concentrate highly in ovaries and liver.

Mods need to sticky this research. The Q&A sections are very well done. Spikes are the leading edge of this vaccine awareness [oops I didn't say, avoidance] and the more who gain proper background and the lingo, the better.

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They are all 'science normies' which makes this extra scary. They were probably compelled to marginalize hydroxychloroquine+zinc and it gets no mention here. Then along with many others they finally started coming around late in 2020 when ivermectin and fluvoxamine emerged as champions of early (and late) treatment. And started to glimpse the same criminal enterprise that has suppressed early treatment in the US and Axis of Pharma countries. A global embarrassment.

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I have watched the whole 3 hours and cannot recommend it enough. But that said, even though these people desperately want to reach out to others, even as one who has followed a great deal of science literature since early 2020, I still found it difficult to match wits with these guys and the 'code' they speak in at times. But it is real, relevant and terrifying Even a medical doctor would have trouble following them. This is their greatest work to detail the message but they definitely have to start distilling it down!!

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Yes but with the Supreme they seem to have privileges like the "no standing" we all know, but also if dismissed by a circuit court they can refuse a petition for certiorari without giving any reason.

There was another Supreme Court Dereliction of Constitutional Duty on October 9, 2012 when they refused to hear the arguments of Heptig vs AT&T -- actually Heptig vs NSA, a landmark case whose failure may have been the tipping point of the Republic and the first victory for Orwell's Ministry of Surveillance. Mark Klein was a courageous AT&T technician who documented a special 'Secure SG3 room' in San Francisco now known as Room 641A in which NSA fiber taps -- and unlawful spying on Americans -- was taking place. One facility of many. His lawyers decided on the clever angle to go after AT&T itself, for their technicians were colluding with NSA to commit a crime.

The NSA's ass puckering and ass grabbing was so severe as this case ascended through the courts, that a clause indemnifying AT&T for this activity 'retroactively' was tossed into Federal legislation while the case was in progress, and a 'corrupt' judge cited this legislation though it had been enacted after the lawsuit was filed. And in the final travesty the Supreme Court refused the appeal.

And warrantless wiretapping got the stamp of approval. Your voice on the phone is now in their pocket. End to end encryption is now our last personal defense of privacy and free association.

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