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Yes this is a good place to discuss babies and bathwater too. We are approaching the endgame I have envisioned for months, where we separately present our cases for concern with family members and friends and encourage them to find the research details that have been hidden from them by their 'trusted' news sources. It's a task for sure.

Especially important is that none of our arguments have some 'keystone' that can fall down and collapse the arch. The Salk people were busy adding to the pool of knowledge about the virus itself, which is why they chose a test virus with functional spikes.

The mRNA manufactured spikes' inability to bind to ACE2 -- whether that is actually true or not -- will be used to strike down arguments and claim dubiously that it is therefore a safe approach. Explanations must carefully avoid this trap.

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Where is this "same name" stuff coming from? The comedy monologue? It is the "Wuhan Virology Institute"

The joke produced plenty of hysterical studio laughter but is a straw man to be knocked down. I'm jaded enough to wonder whether it was designed to be taken up and put out there as a defective talking point.

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This was a pointless experiment, to breed an inactive virus with functional spikes that bind to ACE2. Probably just a money grab. Such a thing would have no use for producing a traditional vaccine, and disrupting ACE communication (blood pressure among other things) by blocking ACE2 receptor sites is already known to be harmful.

While the information is useful in researching the live virus, this is also a honeypot that attracts hasty people like Michael Savage to push it as if it is some sort of 'revelation' regarding mRNA shots. It is not!

The mRNA shots produce a spike that is locked in prefusion state and cannot bind to ACE2. The functional spikes created by the Salk Institute for this study are not the same.

Savage's article makes a big deal out of it by saying "the spike protein ALONE" while failing to point out that the spike is not the same one that is produced by the mRNA shots. That makes it a clickbait article to attract people concerned about the shots and feed them incomplete information.

The mRNA shots are causing damage by easily escaping the injection site into the bloodstream and disrupting red blood cells and causing clumping, and the small particle size of the mRNA and manufactured spikes (much smaller than whole virus size), and the lack of any dosing by body mass especially for children, is enough peril to shut the whole thing down.

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They went all-out on mRNA delivery (lipid, adenovirus vectors) because they were working from some simplified diagram of infection, kind of like those oversimplified diagrams in National Geographic we loved as children. They modified the spike DNA AS IF they were combating some crucial single stage of the life cycle of a parasite.

In this classic child's-eye diagram view of the world... COVID is the only threat and binding to ACE2 to deliver its ghastly payload is the only danger. So when they came up with a simple mod that builds just a spike that is locked in prefusion state and cannot bind to ACE2 they thought they had won the lottery! In theory it's a great idea, train the body to recognize the bad thing by flooding it with stuff that looks like the bad thing. But the way they implemented it is not good at all.

We're not used to thinking about viruses as big, but they are. The inactivated/benign pathogens delivered in traditional vaccines are similar in size to the natural whole-virus threats they represent. And it is important that most of the antibody training occurs in the tissue of the deltoid muscle near the injection site... but yet, if the injection is not done properly (tiny drawback on the syringe and pullout/abort if blood is sighted which means a blood vessel was breached) it is still not a major concern because the material set loose in the bloodstream will not interact with the whole body and the particles are too big to pass through the barrier into the brain.

And yet, this 'deltoid site' injection method and an assumed limited impact on the body was the model they used. It does not apply and is a FAIL on so many levels as to be embarrassing and terrifying.

  • mRNA cell hijacking is indiscriminate and harmful. If you approached any of the scientists cheerleading the mRNA approach and suggested injecting mRNA directly into the bloodstream to hijack cells generally, they would respond to the idea with shock and horror. Yet that is what is happening, through injection fails and the small particle size of what is being injected. Spike manufacturing is also occurring in the brain itself and (among other places) nursing infants, something they never rationally envisioned.

  • the manufactured spike particles are too numerous and too small and do not merely train antibody response, they cause direct harm to tissues and the brain, disrupt red blood cell function and shape, cause clumping and clots, and from a totally excessive production of antibodies prime the body for a life threatening ADE response.

  • the vaccine dosage cannot be tailored in any meaningful way. If an injection fail directly into the bloodstream can imperil a 300 pound man, what of the same dose presented to a small child? There are so many variables in this hijacks-cells-mRNA approach, even if it is proven successful under very controlled conditions, an indiscriminate whole population rollout of one-dose shots delivered in haste is maybe the stupidest thing ever attempted.

  • We are now in total cover-your-ass mode and witnessing the failure of the Hippocratic Oath. It is lethal and affecting only countries of 'affluence' whose captured medical establishments have been convinced to lie and ignore the existence of effective early treatment.

Darwin In Action.

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OR rather, each voter to completely verify their vote at the polling place, but never know if it was tallied. OR hit some Internet site and receive confirmation of their vote, but never know if the result screen was just a fabricated lie.

The solutions are always mumble mumble 'blockchain' mumble that can solve the verification problem, but erodes the anonymity of the vote. And the outright goofy preconception that every American will have a rooted smartphone in their pocket. Oh they don't? That's beyond the scope of these millennial crypto dreams.

After the concept progresses past phase 1 a very anxious weekend before the initial demo, hairs get torn out in frustration as the idea people get wrassled and stomped by the implementation people whose job it is to deliver something.

Then the demo begins and there's not even a whiff of blockchain or even voter-generated private crypto keys. It's just another quickly mangled e-commerce solution javascript abomination running in a browser as an app served by a walled garden. The desktop version is even more vanilla, with barely more security than an SSL certificate.

Of course it works offline too. Because every kid knows how to write down, memorize and recite blocks of 4096 random bits.

Sorry, paper ballots (and all the historical fuckery that goes with them) are still our best bet, trusted people using simple optical machines to count them and aggregate results that are clearly detailed and shown on election night TV, well into the night, is pretty much it. For participatory democracy it's the hill to die on.

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Shit the paranoia around here is getting smarter every day. Now that the dust has settled on DHS we sure do need another vaguely designed intelligence apparatchik. And more loopholes for the NSA so it can take another CRAP on its Charter.

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Yes, so you don't pass out and fall over your screaming child.

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This bluster about Traffic Shaping is a bullshit hang out to put out there a technically plausible explanation for how they're doing it, to hide/obfuscate the real way they're doing it (which is illegal and unconstitutional). The objective is

  • NSA spying on Americans by "Traffic Shaping" and diverting rivers of data Bullshit.
  • oops our bad, wrist slap
  • see? (Network operators confirm) no Shaping happening here, all better now!

What actually happens is that the NSA has already put fiber split-taps at major exchange points. They see all the traffic and have boxes that selectively forward intercepted packets (through other dedicated fiber) to places like Utah. Network operators are not seeing suspicious diversions of traffic which involves broadcasting AS prefixes and slowdowns, and when they do it is usually someone's configuration error. Usually some poor little ISP in another country who advertises an over-broad prefix and suddenly finds themselves buried in other peoples' data. A disaster that is noticed instantly.

It's kind of insulting that news networks are seizing on this "Traffic Shaping" stupidness instead of asking network operators if this does in fact, happen. Insulting to any of us who have operated autonomous systems with multiple carriers and watch traffic every day.

Search my history for Heptig Vs AT&T, I'm tired of repeating it. For some background you can look at Geometries of Internet interception a great PDF I tucked away years ago.

EDIT: But for the straight scoop, get Mark Klein's book "Wiring Up The Big Brother Machine and Fighting It", ISBN ‎1439229961 ... Klein is a patriot like few others who saw something and said something, and his cushy technician's life was turned upside down by it. NSA was so ass-puckered by his case that Congress had to pass legislation to shut the case down. Support this Patriot Author.

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The Road goes ever on and on,
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

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[just curious] Why isn't the mRNA vaccine dosage tailored for body mass? Obese factors aside, wouldn't a fixed number of lipid/mRNA, if there is a problem with it, affect smaller people (children!) disproportionately?

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It's probably worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS backhand money just for Pence to put out occasional sound bites on how proud he is to be a Republican, just for the press to quote obsessively to prove there is 'dissent in the ranks'

Little do they know. Cue Dr Evil shouting, "One Million Dollars!" [laughter]

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TIL that rappers use the postscript "[their_name] represent!" just before they get off the mike as an affirmation of confidence that they have accurately 'represented' their creed or neighborhood.

Actually I learned it awhile ago but 'TIL' is an affirmation of confidence that someone had learned some interesting fact and they are presenting it as just-learned to better entice others' interest.

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because no one would be stupid enough to do that

Well told. Little did he know that the "no one would be stupid enough to..." tactic does not work anymore, because thanks to the Internet and social media we know now there are plenty of people out there who are stupid enough to...

Curses! Foiled again!

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The judge is helping to ensure that the result of the trial—conviction—stands, despite the defendant representing himself.

That is a brilliant observation. 'Pro Se' represent a challenge to the judicial system because everyone is entitled to a credible defense. But what if the defendant represents himself and does so incompetently? The threat of disbarment has no meaning to those representing themselves.

So to short-circuit any potential circular 'improper defense' or even 'reason of insanity' appeals, the judge compliments defendant on sanity and technique.

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"When you tear out a man's tongue, you must eat it in front of him and the whole world to prove that your motive was hunger. Otherwise you will reveal yourself to all as a food-waster and a petty tyrant."

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Q is an elderly man who manages James Bond's gizmo inventory. Solved.

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This is not true. J&J and AstraZeneca are same RNA experiential vaccines, same payload. Only difference is that they use a attenuated common cold / adenovirus to get the mRNA instructions into the cells. The same prefusion spike protein is produced by the body.

Pfizer and Moderna do not use the 'adenovirus vector' they use a 'lipid vector' in which an encapsulating lipid bubble passes through the cell wall to deliver the mRNA.

Perhaps you are thinking of NovaVax which contains actual spike protein fragments to train the immune system in the manner of traditional vaccines, and does NOT use mRNA to force the cells to manufacture them. (The comment section in the blog post above is an echo chamber of arrogant assholes but the article itself has good information)

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"Stupidity knows no season."

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HTH (High Test Hypochlorite) is no joke when water hits it. If your nose feels cold and you cannot smell anything at all, run like hell or die by the fourth breath.

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