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And this all goes back to orange man bad.

they have to quadruple down on the covid BS because if they admit this was a fraud they will also have to accept the election was in a literal way stolen.

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Like I said, the cops are not your friend.

they are big pussies.

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the only providers i'll trust now are the ones that only accept cash, and no insurance.

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The normies are all pussies and/or in denial about what exactly is happening.

I doubt any, but the few continue to do anything.

This is why those of us that do want to stop it must persist, even if the light is but a dim flicker.

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I kinda of agree, but we will never prove it just like election fraud.

The whole J6 situation was to get a rise out of Americans enough to do something and come for the guns.

the whole thing stunk.

If she bleed out from the shoulder wound there would be way more blood. If you get shot in the heart, that amount of blood would be more believable.

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sorry to black pill, but the sheeple are making themselves not see it.

They are in denial, lazy, idiots, in on it, complacent with it.

However, most people are born to be ruled and only a sliver of the population will need to get their hands dirty.

The normies will fall in line with whichever side wins.

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I cant believe I actually fell for asymptomatic transmission.

Thats all BS.

If it doesn't make you sick enough to ever show symptoms, you wont have enough viral load to spread it.

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