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I got kicked out a college class 20 years ago for saying that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was homosexuality. The professor said, "Where do you come up with this?" I said, "Where do you think we get the word, 'sodomy'?" She then said that I could leave for the day.

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A couple of local gun stores near me carry BRCC. I told them about the shit that BRCC has pulled, but they just kind of shrugged it off. Oh, well. There's plenty of other places to buy guns from.

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I totally see this happening, and this is how it will come about...

Moslems are the key to this. Moslems are known for grooming gangs in England. Moslems are known for fucking little boys in Afghanistan. Moslems are known for taking child brides.

As our society becomes more accepting of pisslam, liberals will become accepting of pisslam "culture," even though pisslam hates them because of the intense faggotry that liberals are infected with. Moslems will put up with liberals at first because they will consider liberals useful idiots that will further their goal of completely wrecking our society. Once moslems have enough control they will begin their genocide of liberals.

Hopefully, Jesus will have made his return by this point and we'll be off of this God forsaken rock.

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I don't remember. I've read it before, though.

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To quote someone else, "When white people riot, continents burn."

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It's ok. Their vote is worth the same exact amount as yours. Probably more, to be honest. 🤡🌎 Indeed

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Clowns like this is why our system is broken. I, too, believe in ranked voting, but not in the traditional sense. I believe that some people's votes should be worth more than others. You're a veteran? You're vote is worth more. You're a welfare queen? You're vote is worth less, or not counted at all. People that have been gainfully employed for at least the last 6 months should never have their vote cancelled out by a college student. "Democracy" is bullshit.

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I'm going to say something that may not be fun for some people to hear, but it's the damn truth. I don't live in Pennsylvania, but if I did, there is no fucking way that I'm voting for a devil worshipping moslem. Not that I would vote for the neanderthal, either. I just wouldn't vote for the Senate race, and my conscience would be clear. I'm not alone in this thinking.

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LOL. They permanently suspended my 10 year old account because I had "Donald Trump" as my name. I probably tweeted 4 times in those ten years.

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Dad was a plumber when I was growing up. He used to do air conditioning remodels on businesses and bring home loads of used copper pipe that he had replaced with new pipes. He would have me sort out the copper into what he called #1 copper, which was fairly clean, #2copper, which had joints soldered onto it, and fittings. We would take all of to the scrap yard and he would give me half of the money. $200 was a lot of money to a high school kid saving for a car.

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Fuck Islam and it's unholy faggot, allah.

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Find me a transvestite that isn't an attention whore. I'll wait.

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