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Your “treasure” should be what you can do for the Kingdom of God, i.e. loving your neighbor, giving to the poor (the amount you give is your decision alone), etc. The treasure you hoard on earth (money, material possessions) are useless because you certainly won’t be taking any of that with you once you’re dead, and it can be taken from you at any time while alive.

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Planned Parenthood endorses the murder of black people. No surprise there.

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Agree. There’s something about the leftist homos, like Pete Buttgig, that I just loathe more than the straight leftists. I can’t explain it.

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LOL @ that guy thinking he looks even REMOTELY like a woman.

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I’ve always stayed away from those “meat”balls. They’ve always been too low-priced to be quality food.

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Good point. Still, I love that this is a top story on DM right now.

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I really believe it was a result of Christianity and nothing else. Look at Africa. They can’t function at all. Islam is wide-spread and ruins many countries.

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I don’t get it. He still moved up and is now 5th in line.

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