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Hey! Unrelated but i need help finding clips of rachel madcow criticizing trump for pulling out of afghanistan

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Are u white? Then ur a second class citizen

Ur vote can count as 3/5 under new democrat legislation

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The left seems to understand this concept with muslims.. they talk about how constantly bombing Muslims only radicalizes them more against America and drives them to join extremist groups like isis.. the same can be applied to anyone including White people.. you constantly attack them and try to destroy them and that will simply radicalize them and drive them into the arms of militant supremacist groups promising to fight against that..

It's it's also default of the leaders who do nothing the Republican party is supposed to be the alternative to the Democrat Party but instead it simply functions as Democrat light and caves to them at every turn so then these attacked white people see that the one party that's supposed to help them is refusing to. They have failed them. And so they seek out even more extreme groups because they actually fight..

Whereas the Republican party and the old Boomer conservatives are far too lazy and complacent the alt right and neo-nazis do fight. They fight for what they believe in. And they actually believe in something. As opposed to conservatives who believe in virtually nothing except tax cuts for the rich and deregulating Wall Street..

That's why the conservatives don't fight. That's the only two things on their agenda. Once they accomplish that they have no agenda. And nothing to fight for..

But these people also don't like the Democrats so that just drives them towards other groups..

The solution is to stop doing the things that drive people into the arms of neo-nazis in the first place.. stop attacking them and radicalizing them but also provide them with a real alternative. Not some fake controlled opposition party like the Republicans and weak old Boomers like conservatives who are simply motivated by reminiscing about "the good old days"" back when blacks couldn't eat at the same restaurant as them and houses were cheap befire those same boomers destroyed the econom

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But that's no different than getting rid of section 230. You're talking about making them into publishers but they're not..

Getting rid of section 230 and making Facebook into a publisher is the exact same thing..

The exact same result either way. It doesn't work. The Republican Party fed you lies because they wanted you on a wild goose chase so that you wouldn't actually be fighting for real change. Because they don't want real change because they were the orchestrators of the censorship from the beginning. Sure Democrats loved it but it was the Republican party that asked Facebook to start the censorship of trump supporters in the first place..

Trump's biggest enemy was never the Democrat Party it was the Republican party. Just like America's biggest enemy is the Republican Partyy

They lied. The true way to stop Facebook would be to force them to allow free speech. Turning them into a publisher or repealing section 230 does not force them to allow free speech..

At most it would make the censorship 10 times worse. Your attempts to Blackmail them wouldd backfiree

If you want real change and to make something stop happen and you have to make that thing illegal. That's how it's always been. Conservatives are just such a bunch of idiots that they can't understand the conceptt

They've been so indoctrinated by libertarianism they don't even want the government to existt

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It really shows how corrupt the Republican party is and how much they don't represent us that they voted to confirm every one of Biden's appointees..

Pretty sure the Republican Senate and House put up more of a fight against Trump's appointees then they did against Biden's.. .

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Democrats had literally no problem with Robert Mueller filling his team with 100% Hillary donors and nobody independent or right-wing..

Biden called this had no problem with Joe Biden appointing extremely far left anti-trump people to the doj..

Democrats love bias. They're simply scared when that is directed against them.. if you've done nothing wrong you have nothing to hidee

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I mean the aeticle is correct. It doesnt matter

Trump already packed the court with liberals like kavanaugh eho consistyvote with the far left on every major issue except when it comes to restricting wall st

But that's the Republican party in general.. Democrats on every issue except when it comes to tax cuts for billionaires and deregulating big Banks Wall Street and oil companies.. just a more corrupt version of the Democrat party..

That's the sad part.. Democrats were never lying about the Republican party up until trump.. it really was just a bunch of people who deep down agreed with Democrats on almost every issue but voted against Democrat policies simply because they were paid to by Rich people..

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Conservatives are weak and refuse to fight except with both hands tied behind there back

Theyre too bogged down by bullshit madeup "principles" that theyd rather lose gracefully than winn

Conservatives are far too old lazy and weak to carry our movement forwar

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No. Establishment neocons like Ted Cruz lied and said that getting rid of section 230 would be a good idea but of course didn't actually do anything.. Boomer Republican voters are literally so stupid and gullible that they just end up supporting whatever their politicians tell them to support so they got behind it heavily without even understanding what it w

Getting rid of section 230 would be a bad idea. Making Facebook a public utility would be a good idea..

There's a reason all the bad people wanted to get rid of section 230 and none of them wanted to bring up the idea of public utiliti

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Let them false flag all they want. When we outnumber them theres nothing they can really do..

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Two americas in the black Supremacist matriarchy

Blm insurectionists can riot and try to overthrow the president and burn down police stations and murder cops and cops literally kneel for them

Maga anti biden protestors peacefully protest at the capitol and peacefully occupy Nancy pelosis office and the military get called they get sgot and held at gunpointt and the entire surveillance state gets used on them

The founding fathers wouldve been in the streets every day at this point and preparing for the idea of a revolution

Ur a pussy if u wont at least protest every weekendd

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: cnn discussing ways to advertise for biden. cnn is not a news network. it is a democrat marketing firm

CNN pretends to be a news network.. but they are clearly more of a Super PAC or democrat PR firm rather than a News Network dedicated to reporting the news.. CNN functions as nothing more than a marketing firm hired by the Democratic Party to handle their public relations and campaign ads..

CNN should be forced to register as a superpacc

Cnn should be banned from yhe air and CERTAINLY should be deplatformed from Faceboo

Anyone NOT campaigning Facebook to remove cnn is not doing their patriotic duty

Your ancestors fought bloody battles with the British to win freedom for your country.. you're being asked to write a few letters And emailss.. there's no excuse

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It was also the most peaceful protest of the last 365 days

Biggest objection I have is that you let them scare you off.. Republicans held one anti-bidden protest and the Democrats freaked out and went after you and it scared you all off.. the Democrats had four years of sustained protests even after situations where Trump was sending in the national guard against them.. and you guys get scared off after 1:00? If you truly want to stop by and you need to let him know that you're not scared of him and that you're going to resist him.. you can't do that if you run and hide under your bed after the first time he looks at you angry..

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Here's the best piece of evidence.. the GOP Senators that flip flopped and immediately certified the votes after the peaceful protest on January 6th..

After that protest and after they return to session the evidence didn't go away.. people like to Georgia senators that had previously planned to object to the electors? What changed?. Either you still believe that the election was invalid or you don't.. why does the actions of a few thousand people outside change any of that?.

If you truly believed that the election was stolen it wouldn't matter what they did outside.. you still believe the election was invalid and the evidence is still there. The evidence didn't change..

The only explanation was that they didn't actually believe it.. she didn't really believe in it.. and was just saying it in the hopes of getting reelected in georgia.. and after that election was over she was looking for any excuse to abandon it and support bidenn

The people that flipped and changed their minds clearly didn't believe that there was election fraud or they wouldn't have changed their minds.. they were people who were telling you what they thought you wanted to hear so that you would send the money and then once it was over they were looking for any excuse they could find to walk it back.. if it hadn't been the mostly peaceful protests on January 6th it would have been something else.. it would have been some kind of trump tweet or something the Democrat marketing team known as CNN would have come up with some story that they could use as an excuse.. I agree that the mostly peaceful protest didn't accomplish anything but that's no reason to be against it..

You want MORE protests like January 6th.. not less..

The Democrats and the Joe Biden regime know that you are protesting them. If they think they can scare you off after one measly protest then they win.. you've let the terrorists win are you trying to let the terrorists win?. The Biden terrorists? You protest one time and they flip out on you and you're scared and run off and hide in your basement and let Biden do whatever he wants?.

Should be more protests. Every single weekend there should be a protest against Joe biden.. let him know that you're resisting h

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When Will we have anti BLM documentaries?

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You mean the same Dr fauci who thinks that wearing three masks stops the coronavirus even more more? What an idiot..

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You can literally eat whatever you want and as many calories as you want as long as you physically work hard enough to burn them off the problem is when you eat more calories than you burn off..

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was known to eat 3,000 calories just for breakfast.. and he was skinny and fit because he would spend all day every day swimming laps in the pooll

Fat people like that need to eat that many calories so they aren't malnourished because of how hard they work..

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It's always funny how they only eat organic stuff and they go to whole foods and buy the expensive supposedly healthy crap but then they'll smoke weed and do cocaine and acid and a bunch of other drugs..

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