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people's health was a lot different then.

See, again, you're not getting it.

People's health is exactly the same as it has been for 100,000 years. Nothing has changed in the last century except your perception. You are trying to convince us (and more importantly, yourself) that being not fit is actually being fit because "people's health has changed".

Why do you think that is?

Nothing has changed. Healthy is healthy, fit is fit, the only thing different is what has become socially acceptable. Human physiology hasn't changed. Look at the statues of the Greek gods from 3000 years ago. They are fit. They look identical to non-steroid gymbros today. They are all portrayed as strong and lean, ideal human specimens. You think humans just magically changed in the last 50 years so that what was fit in the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's suddenly became "unhealthy" and too thin?

It's propaganda. I would say that you have fallen for it, but the reality is that you have helped make it happen because it makes you feel better about yourself. You are far from the only one, but you need to understand that you are lying to yourself.

It's okay to not be fit. It's okay to be a little overweight. Most people are. Being just a little overweight and a little out of shape isn't going to affect your life or your lifespan very much. It's a scale of effect. The impacts will be minor and you can live your life happily. I know I am, and I am far from fit, but I have little need to be fit like I was in my 20's now that I'm in my 40's. I am okay with being out of shape at this point in my life.

But I am not lying to myself that my out of shape dad bod is anything but an out of shape, less than fit, less than perfectly healthy body, no matter what you or society try to tell me about how it's totally cool now and we should all just love our ugly bodies. I can be okay with my choices and also accept that I am choosing to not be fit and healthy.

So don't kid yourself. You're not in good shape, you're not perfectly healthy, and human anatomy didn't change, only your perception did, and trying to convince other people that unhealthy is actually healthy because "people's health changed" is nothing more than your own coping mechanism and it's damaging to both you and anyone who believes you.

Learn to accept your own flaws and your own failings instead of trying to justify them as not actually being failings. Until you do, you will never be able to change them.

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There's your problem. You think a healthy body should be easily attainable, which is why you are so desperate to make 15% the new standard.

Well, it worked. You and your lazy brethren have convinced everyone that 20 pounds overweight is "healthy" and that 8% body fat is a male model. Thanks for encouraging all your fellow lardasses to remain lardasses because you don't want to work hard enough to be truly fit.

FYI half the men in this photo are below 10%.

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You say that as if anyone has gone to prison for us to complain about.

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If you are 5'8" 150 and decently fit, that would put you around 8% bidy fat. That's not unrealistic at all. You even said it yourself:

look like now

NOW. You think that somehow what it means to be healthy changed since then.

News flash, bud, human anatomy didn't change in 50 years, your view of what constitutes "normal" did.

Why do you think that is?

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Pretty sure he said both things, in sequence

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Remember when American schools just taught Reading, Writing, Math, and Science, and we dominated the entire world for 100 years?

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I don't give a fuck what they write into law. If they wrote a law that you had to suck a dick every morning before work to stay employed, would that be okay? It's legal, after all, they wrote a law.

Fuck off, man. The only people being put into a hard place are weak prolapsed assholes who think the government has a say-so in how they choose to live their lives.

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Of all the weird shit that has gone on this year, I think this is the one that is the most ironic.

there is nothing we (and ultimately you) can do to avoid this


You are an ammunition manufacturer.

You can't think of anything at all that we might possibly do to avoid this?

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WaPo: "Fully Vaccinated" is a term for groups of people, not individuals

CDC: Here's when an individual is fully vaccinated

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Can't imagine why college tuition is so high these days

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But I was told our elections were impossible to cheat? There is no evidence of voter fraud.

I mean, there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

I mean, there's no evidence it impacted the outcome.

I mean, there's no evidence it impacted the outcome in enough states to change the result.

I mean, shut up Nazi!

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I agree with the outcome and have zero doubt that chinese money is doing most of the buying of influence, but the Chinese aren't stupid.

Why would they go to the trouble of blackmailing and buying people off when fully 90% of DC is simply invested in China and will help them for free just to get their stock portfolio up?

It's not a grand global conspiracy, it's just millions of shit heads that all want the same outcome: money and power for themselves and they don't care who they hurt or what they destroy in the process of getting it.

Also, never underestimate what people are willing to do out of a sense of moral superiority. Every atrocity in history has been committed by people who thought they were better than everyone else.

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If you think fauci is part of the global cabal, i have some beachfront property to sell you. That little weasel is nothing more than a useful idiot.

Your problem is that you think there is this gigantic overarching plan in place involving millions of evil people and that's just not true. They can't plan for what happens in the world, it's too chaotic.

Instead, they have a shared vision of a global government run by the elite and yes, they actually believe that would make things better for everyone and we are just standing in the way as greedy selfish people.

When everyone has a shared goal, they don't have to plan. They just react to things in the same way because they all know what each new development can deliver them. If you think these people planned for a depopulation vaccine, you're nuts. They were all opposed to a vaccine literally until the day after the election, when they realized that now that they have the reins of power they can use it as a lever.

These people are evil, yes, but they are not that smart, they're not experts, and the only reason they have any clout is because they can provide access to money and power for the people who want it and are willing to play their game to get it.

They don't have to be told what to do. They already know what to do and are rewarded when they do it with access and accolades from the social elite.

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Yep, because he's human and has his blind spots and is not now nor has he ever been an ideologue. He's a businessman who happens to be unbelievably patriotic and was sick to fucking death of watching America be treated like shit. He got in the office, didn't know shit about what most of the bureaucratic nonsense positions even do and put people in those positions that other people told him to trust because, again, Trump is a businessman and not a bureaucrat.

I love Trump and he was great for the economy. The end. I hope he gets another four years to try to fix this economic shitstorm, but when he's done we need a hardcore fucking right-wing ideologue that will push back hard.

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I love Trump, but people here give him too much credit, fauci and co too.

Trump knows shit all about vaccines. He's a businessman. He knows how to hire people that know about vaccines and how to remove red tape. He told them to have one before the election. They said "Sir, that's impossible."

He said "Fine, if you can't do it I'll find someone who can" and he went to talk to Pfizer and Moderna.

They said "We can do it if you waive the requirements for trials and make sure we're not liable."

Trump said "You've got a deal" because he knows shit all about medicine.

Fauci isn't some evil mastermind, he's just an entrenched leftist bureaucrat that hates Trump so fought him at every turn

Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by simple incompetence.

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We're sorry that our position became public. The parents were never supposed to see it. We're changing our process to make sure parent never find out our treasonous positions again.

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We regret sending it

...because we didn't expect you to find out.

and apologize

...because we got bad press out of it.

Unless they say "Our position was clearly wrong and we no longer believe that what we said is accurate in any way" then all they're doing is damage control.

They still think we're terrorists.

Fuck em.

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Why wouldn't they be? They are a tool that fires a nail from the front. It doesn't matter what the propellant is. Technically the propellant in bith cases is the same, expanding gas.

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It means someone whose only value to society is as fuel for a fire.

So, yeah. He's a yuge faggot.

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While this is true, their prices aren't divorced from the rest of the country, they are just always higher by generally the same amount. When oil prices go back down, these will go down too, they will just still be higher than all the rest.

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