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Relax Susie. No one cares you unsubscribed to Netflix. Please share more of your worthy accomplishments.

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Wake the fuck up dick sniffer. Half of our country wants you vaccinated and masked up, and threatening your job over it. Austria is mandating their citizens to get vaxed or get fined / imprisoned. We barely blocked Mandates that would force thousands of americans out of their jobs for non-compliance.

So I'm sorry if I don't feel bad for some retard, who followed Nazi orders and killed his unborn child. Get the dick out from your nose.

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Stop virtue signaling, faggot

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If you're semi-faggot and like watching men rub themselves with soap. Sure.

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Made me sick when Amazon turned their interface into a BLM propaganda outlet in 2020.

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More like 1950-2011

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You're talking Reddit here. The last bastions of free speech need to be characterized as "Anarcho" or "Conspiracy"

Literally, most of the r/conspiracy on reddit is just based people with common sense sharing their opinion on matters.

r/Politics is basically non-stop trump bashing. Reddit has to be taken in from a socialists point of view.

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Spare me the violin. These assholes are coming after our rights, and you want me to feel pity and sorrow? Fuck you.

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They're not bots. This shit is real. I'm on Reddit everyday just for the comments an shock / awe value of how far young minds have fallen.

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He was gentle, but then the scowl came out. I'm diggin' it.

Kyle was well composed.

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Yeah. Pretty much this. The Restaraunt is 5 mins from where I live. It's a bit higher end. I wanted to get into the serving business for the $$. Some servers are breaking $40/hr. They are literally training people who have never spent a day in a restaurant to be servers. Otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time.

I'm not afraid of Covid. My entire family got it and we all survived, unvaxxed.

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