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His mask isn't seated quite right. Somebody in makeup is going to lose their job.

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Throughout that almost 8 minute video, not once was the topic of lowering or eliminating taxes discussed. Not once.

It was all about shuffling the burden around, never taking it away.

They will never stop until they are made to stop.

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Very nice of this Steve guy to campaign for President Trump. :-)

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Here's where we have to give the cabal its due.

This is such a flagrant effort to undermine the United States' military, yet our society is still so programmed to not offend anyone that the powerful majority does not speak out against it in any meaningful way.

Our population is literally allowing it the happen lest we give offense. That's a pretty neat trick the cabal has played.

When will the disapproval be meaningful?

When it is so vociferous that they cannot ignore it or deny their intent any longer. And they finally STOP WEAKENING OUR ARMED FORCES! And then pay very harshest legal consequence for their betrayal.

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Okay, this post wins the internet for the day! :-)

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I do not say this flippantly or without thought as to the gravity of my post.

Of course those higher up who planned and executed this travesty need to pay for their crimes.

However, those police officers on the ground, the ones who blocked the escape of innocent victims, should be identified, tried, convicted, and suffer the most harsh penalties available - up to and including execution.

Following orders is not an acceptable excuse. Every single person needs to exercise his/her personal, moral and ethical agency to determine if orders from above will lead to doing the right thing.


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Why would they give up their treasured (and quite successful) control mechanism? It affords them power and it's lucrative.

It won't end until we all push back.

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...going Republican?

He is not now, nor has he ever been, an actual Republican.

He is a plant.

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The key, most powerful point here, is that this young lady has a father in the home who is willing to fight for his child, with the support of his wife!

This is why they fear intact, nuclear families. We are an unbeatable weapon against their agenda.

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...equitable grading practices...

This is literally racist! They are doing everything they can to undermine freedom from slavery for the students they serve!!!!!

Uneducated, unmotivated, illogical, emotion-driven, dependent cattle are so much easier to control. Gotta keep 'em on the plantation any way they can.


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Their attempts to derail the Trump Train are failing spectacularly.

They're now realizing their next steps will very likely include things we won't abide. Therefore, they need to get serious about disarming us all.

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Thank you so much for all your continuing hard work on this stickers, magazine covers, graphics, etc.!!!! It is very much appreciated - and definitely made use of. ;-)

And yes, please, add me to the brigade notification list. It's always good to stock up for continued information warfare.

You are awesome!

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I wouldn't be surprised if he has an 'unfortunate accident' before too long. He's a loose end now.

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And how much have they spent helping after the train derailment Pennsylvania? Not anything near $113 billion.

Absolutely shameful.

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