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Same people jacking off to the fact that he got raided even though they called him a fascist nazi dictator throughout his entire presidency for things like blocking travel to terrorists who want to behead the same retards calling him a Nazi

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Where was this during the BLM Riots????

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Why is there an investigation at all?

We all saw what happened when they blocked the windows. There are videos everywhere and more votes than voters.

Wtf is there to investigate?? Sucks this fuck ended it but cmon it’s been 2 years and election investigations are priority. Wtf were they even doing??

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If trump is assassinated they will justify it

That puts Obama on the menu

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Isn’t this like reading someone their rights when arresting them? If you don’t do it the arrest is null and void right? So anything they find (plant) is completely worthless since they wouldn’t show the warrant

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Her news lurkers here, report my dick

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These numbers clearly add up to a lot more than 400 billion... the first two alone are 600B

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Let’s fuck go joe brandon biden

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The college degree is truly worthless.

Used to be you’d fight for your country to go to college.

Now people would die for money launderers just to pay off the useless piece of paper that was supposed to make them more money to begin with

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Leftist straight up accusing someone of being right wing because they follow facts over their feefees

If this is real it’s poetic

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Like they’ll actually hand over anything incriminating.

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what a perfect NPC quote

“Banana/Rock isn’t a pronoun-is it? IS IT? Tiktok tell me!!”

Might as well be yelling “program me regarding this unfamiliar logic bomb some 6 year old just laid on me”

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No the people. And they should arrest the sherif for that and put him on trial too.

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Good thing he didn’t get sentenced in America with all those racist white supremacist laws. Coulda been a much worse sentences


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