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Registered voters are not actual voters. Only 66% of registered voters actually voted. Using 168M gives you 111M votes. A look at each state shows 210M registered voters. At 66% voting that's 138M votes. Either way, it's not 156M votes reported. The math doesn't work either way.

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An endorsement from Trump is the golden ticket.

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There are several trolls doing this. Been seeing it for about a month now. It comes and goes.

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You are right. They retracted that story, I believe. But the damage was already done. Science is bought and paid for anyway. 97% of those doing research agree with those who fund them. It's all one big scam shit show and we are stuck in it.

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The Lancet (highest rated medical journal) says the efficacy for the vax is only 0.8% to 1.3%. Efficacy is the power to produce an effect. It's basically worthless, a placebo to make billions for big pharma. It can do harm but it does very little good. Article: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanmic/article/PIIS2666-5247(21)00069-0/fulltext

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Tucker doesn't get to chime in 9 months later and get my respect.

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As a "minority" (aka American), it is offense to think Democrats think we are too stupid or ignorant to get an ID or vote using an ID. This smacks of plantation racism.

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It's actually 210 million registered voters with 66% voting or about 143 million votes. The point is still true that there were more votes counted than actual voters.

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It's Mel Gibson at UFC saluting Trump. The link above shows him there. It's the same clothes and sunglasses as the video. Other reports online verify it was Gibson.

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