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Trees are racist because of lynching... According to the woke.

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It only works if your ideology is liberal. As a Latino Trump supporter, I couldn't get that deal. I'd have my "race card" privileges rescinded and be labeled a "white supremacist." Whatever happened to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? I hate what libtards do to our country!

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Here's not a real Marine. Jack Posbiec called him out and he got caught. See https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1379073919714533383

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In his recent interview Hunter said he smoked parmasian cheese thinking it was crack.

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My personal opinion is this trial is a done deal. They will convict him, plexiglass and all, because they fear riots and BLM.

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Police follow orders. Those in power give those order. The Dem CCP are in power. The question is how do we get it back?

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Blondes have more fun

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CCP is evil. The UN is complicit in this evil. Biden supports the CCP by doing nothing.

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Thank you Fren. We need Patriots.win to allow more video display besides YouTube and streamable.

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OP here: I did catch the slight on Trump voters but ask you consider the overall message of PC gone ape shit.

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I'm Hispanic (really American). I hate that LatinX crap.

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