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Ha! That's funny. 😅

For the record, I've had In-N-Out when I was in CA visiting. Just didn't know it was Christian.

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No In-N-Out where I live... I'd have to fly to visit one. I didn't know.

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Thanks.. Will delete

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I respect his right to make his own decisions (even his BLM support and boycotting the national anthem). But I can take great joy in his demise for being a prostitute to the shitty NBA. He's a casualty of war. I couldn't care less what happens to him. He's no hero in my eyes.

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Exactly. I'd love to see them shut down the supply chain to wake Americans up.

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Thank you fren. I have no ill will to fellow Patriots . We must all work together. I make mistakes like others. But I post knowing my intentions are honorable. I can't control what others think. But I will continue to support their free speech no matter what. God bless.

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Thanks fren. I do post. I do work. If post are incorrect or unsupported to some Patriots srandards, it is not by design. I trust Patriots here to clarify any post. I'm happy to delete incorrect info. Just message me.

I enjoy posting here. I'm not perfect. I have no motive except I love this country and Donald Trump.

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I've left the news plantation years ago. But there are millions who believe their master is telling them the truth. It's sad to see.

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This guy is a statistical genius. I read his thread. Basically, the vax doesn't do shit to protect you. Vax and unvaxxed have the same levels of covid illness (but unvaxxed get tested less). After reading his workbi came away that mass vaccines had no extra value.

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Guy I worked with had a heart attack after being vaxxed. Went to the hospital and then had cardiac arrest again. Survived but a shell of himself now. He was super healthy until he took the vax.

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20 million is a lot of deaths. Yikes! 😳

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For those who haven't heard the term incel:

Incel definition is - a person (usually a man) who regards himself or herself as being involuntarily celibate and typically expresses extreme resentment and hostility toward those who are sexually active. 

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I respect his position but can't stand the NBA. If the NBA ceased to exist I'd be the first to celebrate.

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