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Your title is a little misleading... The Doc is referring to only 6 of his patients, not saying "all vexed"...

But, who knows...

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Appears that your in government housing... the government owns the housing... they are actually giving you an option to decline the inspection.... I assume it's not for nefarious purposes but to see the general condition and determine any maintenance issues, but who knows...

I would concentrate on becoming financially independent from the government if that is your situation; it'll be difficult and will take time, but harness your inner based chad to get you there.

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Reminds me of when I used to watch the NFL and Tom Brady would destroy my team... It was crushing, but there was that aspect of respect because he was just on another level....

Putin is on another level than Biden, obviously.

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There’s a likeness... but looking at photos from the 1990s and early 2000s, Chuck has some distinct graying going on above his ears and a more receded hairline...but anything’s possible I guess. Hard to say with one photo at a terrible angle.

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Man I would love to see Trump back i the WH, but this guy is the future...

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The offers should list the names of the potential buyers; you should at least be able to determine if they are individuals or an entity ... Further research may be required if it's an entity ...

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If...When proven, the only honorably thing the current regime could do is to resign in mass so that Pelosi becomes the acting President and call a special session to vote back in Trump, all in return for leniency...

But that won't happen.

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Trying to grift MAGA support to run against a MAGA Based AG Ken Paxton...

Bold Strategy

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These characters were just the Tier One attack on masculinity in this country, the likable, but misguided male... there's a major difference between the characters pictured above and earlier characters such as John Wayne, or Andy Griffith, etc., where males were portrayed as confident, smart and disciplined. Now were are all they way to Michael Cera...

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So we've sunken to looting...

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The linked one in the title that he issued at the beginning of the count.

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We won't call Perdue until after they know if Biden has officially stolen the election or if Trump is rightfully re-elected...

If Biden Steals, Perdue will win.

If Trump Relected, Ossoff will win.

Book it.

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My question would be, in history, were alternate states ever 'certified' by the states? Doesn't seem like would be realistic - I don't see States sending to certified but conflicting slates...

That being said, so long as they were received by the Archive, why could they not be addressed?

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What are the final numbers? That will tell you if it's 99% of votes, or precincts.

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Well... perhaps he should pull them from underneath a table.. that would be fun..

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ATL Airport is always full of Military in uniform... Many recruits passing through to Fort Benning for Basic Training... Probably coming back from Holiday Break...

Honestly, nothing here.

Check their shoulder patches, if there's none, then definitely recruits, if there's none on the right sleeve then they have never been forward deployed to a area of conflict either... If you see one, it's probably the Drill Sergeant.

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