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Because QTards sow division in the MAGA community by being unrepentant imbeciles.

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They're coordinating with Jeff Sessions to drop the sealed indictments first, then Lude's Chinese hard drives, then McInerny's stolen laptops.

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I agree that the famous "depopulation agenda" theory, where the vax is designed to off people, doesn't make sense. What tyrant would want to massacre his most gullible and obedient subjects, and leave the intelligent skeptics?

But getting rid of the intelligent skeptics? That sounds like a plan!

I dunno if they need graphene or whatnot to do it though. Seems good old fashioned brainwashing has been working a treat, and the vaxxed population has already preselected themselves for suggestibility just by getting vaxxed in the first place. Turning them into a genuine zombie army is just a matter of cranking up the dials on what they've been doing already.

Brainwashing, btw, is technically called "thought reform", "coercive persuasion", or "undue influence" in the professional literature, and it's pretty formulaic and easy to spot once you know what to look for.

Check out books by Edward Hunter, Edgar Schein, William Mayer, Joost Meerloo, William Sargent, Robert Lifton, Margaret Singer, Stephen Hassan, and Denise Winn. And read up on what cults can do to suggestible populations given half a chance.

Jonestown here we come!

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Let's import a few million of their unemployed citizens so we can explain this to them. 🀑🌎

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Dunno about legal stuff, but good educational thinkers are:

  • Mortimer Adler: Paideia Proposal, How to Read A Book, etc

  • Robert Maynard Hutchins: Education For Freedom, etc.

  • Jacques Barzun: Begin Here, The Teacher In America

  • Leonard Peikoff: this lecture course, among others:


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Mo Vax, mo virus.

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Plato wrote the handbook on tyranny though. I suspect The Republic gets assigned in college to find out which students agree with it, and then fast-track them to jobs in the Deep State/ Corporate America.

A good summary of Plato's Republic in relation to modern socialism is here:


And the best takedown is Aristotle's Politics, Book II.

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Take the honkpill; safe and effective!

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Sounds like you should extend an olive branch by signing her up for a booster shot.

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What do you mean karma? The stroke was obviously caused by a UTI, white privilege, and climate anxiety. Like most strokes.

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'Member when Trump made a circle with his finger during a speech - πŸ‘‰O - then a few minutes later made a line to turn it into a Q? That totally convinced me.

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The climate hoax and the corona hoax use the same propaganda techniques to benefit the same transnational institutions and are believed in by the same gullible lunatics.

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