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The commies claimed to be "biblical" as well, likewise the commies up at Plymouth, and the commie wing of the English Civil War, and the Taborites and the Munsterites and the Kibbutzim et cetera et cetera.

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Hmmm, not on that exact subject.

Here's a good documentary series though:


No playlist, alas, but search Rotman & Barberis to find the other episodes. It's French-made so it goes into the European internal side of things more than we usually get to see.

Also this book (Sharfarevich) covers the whole history of the idea going back to ancient times:


And Rothbard is his usual indefatigable self:


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They tried it at at Jamestown too:

"The incentives provided by the charter of 1609, however, were still only future promises. The colony was still being run on "communist" principles: each person contributed the fruit of his labor according to his ability to a common storehouse run by the company, and from this common store each received produce according to his need. And this was a communism not voluntarily contracted by the colonists themselves, but imposed upon them by their master, the Virginia Company, the receiver of the arbitrary land grant for the territory.

"The result of this communism was what we might expect: each individual gained only a negligible amount of goods from his own exertions - since the fruit of all these went into the common store-and hence had little incentive to work, or to exercise initiative or ingenuity under the difficult conditions in Virginia. And this lack of incentive was doubly reinforced by the fact that the colonist was assured, regardless of how much or how well he worked, of an equal share of goods from the common store. Under such conditions, with the motor of incentive gone from each individual, even the menace of death and starvation for the group as a whole - and even a veritable reign of terror by the governors - could not provide the necessary spur for each particular man."

  • Murray Rothbard, Conceived In Liberty, Volume 1, pg 49
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The one fatal flaw is that there are no cars with Biden bumper stickers.

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It's not hypocrisy, it's camouflage.

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Censored, outnumbered, and disarmed is no way to go through life, son.

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The book to read is That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right by Stephen P. Halbrook.

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the only thing we can be certain of is she's not a vegan since she didn't mention it in the clip

Kek. Yeah, she definitely violated the 50 second rule.

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I like how the t-shirt basically says "Discriminate By Sex".

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When and where did 1:03 happen and why am I not living there?

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Add Xi's aneurysm, Putin's cancer, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky dropping after his eighth dose.

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