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So good times -> weak men, but with spiders.

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(Along with digging up the entire network behind the boy's accusers, including all media who amplified them, and jailing, bankrupting, and deporting as many as possible.)

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Nah. Everything they think of as "history" is a psychotic fever dream farted out by Karl Marx & Co., and their take on "current events" is whatever the spooks need them to believe to peddle the latest psyop.

Activity must never be mistaken for achievement.

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For quite a while whenever anyone talked about wanting "trans visibility in historical representation" or some such commie nonsense, I always thought "Well, we can do Elagabalus if you want?" Now they went and did it, the crazy dumb fucks went and did it lol.

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Yeah, the astroturfed race riots are scheduled for next summer, and maybe an election-year variant to go with them. 🤡🌎

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I wonder how the Covidians square this with their need to believe every doctor who ever appeared on television? 🤔

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  1. The intelligence agencies distract their opposition with ludicrous international conspiracy theories, thus leading them on a wild goose chase without a goose.
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"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, this is the War Room the Museum of Tolerance!"

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And so many on our side fall for it! "Who needs the NFL, Hollywood, the cities, the colleges, the blue states, the entire frigging country" they say, as they abandon one thing after another and call it victory, smdh.

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Based, but I'll do you one better:

"A by-stander, not blinded by prejudice, nor warped by interest, would declare, that taxes were not raised to carry on wars, but that wars were raised to carry on taxes." - Thomas Paine, Rights Of Man

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I can't remember who it was, but some 1920's tycoon knew it was time to sell when he started getting stock tips from his shoeshine boy.

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If you read Rand's book on fiction writing she lays into Lewis for his drifty naturalism. Kind of her bete noir as a novelist.

She didn't seem to hate his ideas nearly as much as she hated his style and characters lol.

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Worse than all that, she smoked.



</typical reddit poster>

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I was trying to visualize who was on which side in this one, and couldn't, then I realized I don't care.

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