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I call BS, and you are a child molester.

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Hi Salty! Yer a little...salty today.

p.s. You're well compensated. Stop complaining.

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They're Khazars, you retard. They don't have a drop of Israelite blood in them.

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Tough question.

If he brought down say, 50 people I've actually heard of, then yeah, I guess I could let him off with wearing an ankle bracelet for the rest of his life and not being allowed within 20 yards of a child.

EDIT: And a tattoo on his forehead saying IAMPEDO

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Fuck him. I make a lot more money than he does, and have lawyers on retainer.

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""My uncle then goes 'well that's because most people are vaccinated now'"

My answer woulda been "Not most people at this table"

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Some patriot. And his act pushed back the shit we're going through now about 20 years. Without him, this crap wouldn't have started around the turn of the century.

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My response to this ploy is always the same.

"I always love it when a Godless atheist homosexual tries to tell me about the Bible"

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You're an idiot. And I mean that most sincerely.

Take your comic boot asshattery and gtfo.

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They're Khazars, not Jews.

They have no Israelite blood.

Stop blaming Israel for the crimes of a bunch of persians who originated thousands of miles away from them.

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Some people are so retarded. There would have been no cellphone towers. Hence, no one to talk to.

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