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Trump does. Nearly half his Truth Social posts are about how he's up by 20/30/50 points over DeSantis

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Approximately 50% of Trump's Truth Social posts are touting the results of some poll or another.

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Trump really needs to distance himself from this "guy". I seriously don't understand why he's going so daggum soft on Transheiser Busch and Disney...

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Let the games begin. If Trump is the better nominee, I hope he wins.

If DeSantis is the better nominee, I hope he wins.

May the best man win.

Yes, MAN. None of the women in the race, like Nikki Haley and Asa Hutchinson, should win.

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Love the sentiment but this isn't the real Bucees account

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$120M damages to first plaintiff

$55M damages to second plaintiff

$54M damages to third plaintiff

$28.8M damages to fourth plaintiff

$57.6M damages to fifth plaintiff

$73.6M damages to sixth plaintiff

$81.6M damages to seventh plaintiff

$52M damages to eighth plaintiff

$48M damages to ninth plaintiff

$66M damages to tenth plaintiff

$57.6M damages to eleventh plaintiff

$68.8M damages to twelfth plaintiff

$90M damages to thirteenth plaintiff

$76M damages to fourteenth plaintiff

$36M damages to fifteenth plaintiff

$965,000,000 total damage award. Nine hundred sixty five million dollars.

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Definitely guilty. The judge just sent the jury back to the deliberation room to correct a couple of clerical problems and noted that

"I don't see any decimal points on your numbers"

Meaning they've got numbers they're recommending for damages.

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Regulate workplace safety at the state level.

A bureaucrat who works in DC from Long Island doesn't have a single fucking clue how long the barbs on my barbed wire in Oklahoma should be.

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Okay a few thoughts on the stream.

I have enjoyed watching it. It's been overall very good commentary.

However, as they've tried to find things to talk about, the commentary has really slipped.

They seem to be saying three things which are both annoying and contradictory

  1. It is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that Kyle should be acquitted


  3. If WE had been his counsel, WE'D have put on a FLAWLESS defense

It's really just become bitching about the specific wording of a specific point in the motion to dismiss after bitching all day about how defense counsel should've done this or that or whatever....

Good analysis most of the time, but that part's been annoying me.

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The jury deliberated in the George Zimmerman trial for 16 total hours and sent requests to the judge at least once for further instruction or clarification. That was for 1 count. They returned an acquittal verdict.

Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for 5 different criminal charges. It will take time.

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No source I've seen, and a LOT of people familiar with jury procedures saying that there is no reason to believe that a US Marshall (Poso's source) would know this

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Yes, if the judge and jury agree that they should keep going, they will keep going.

If one or the other decides they're done for the day, then they can recess and come back tomorrow.

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The Judge said to reporters that he's going to checkin with the Jury at 5pm local time (approx 57 mins from now) to see what they want to do. He indicated he'll let them go as late as they want or allow them to go home if they wish

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He'd ask his wife's boyfriend to check if it was unloaded

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