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I get that, but that 15 minutes is still ridiculous for any kid of any age. Brain science says new info needs time to stew, and physical activity strengthens that.

I don't have a rule about talking in class, but I decided to teach about the "Social Contract" on day 2 of class, and the kids handle themselves. I still can't believe how well it's working, but history teaches us if we let it. I teach secondary, so can't say it would be so easy in elementary!

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Man there is a ton of stuff, but you may have to find/buy it.

Trust your gut, and if you make a mistake about a show/movie, tell them why it's not a good idea to keep watching it, and find something else.

PS... thrift stores have used books usually for pennies on the dollar, and as painful as it is to start, maybe let them pick some books to keep. We built a library over 30 years that is amazing that way.

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I think it's cause he wanted to break stuff.

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So simple.... yet so elegant.

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if you have been to every single public meeting in the country everyday, i applaud you.

i live and work in 2A sanctuary counties in blue states... half the time, it doesn't happen. it's happened at the school i work at no more than half a dozen times this year.

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Not just exercise- intense exercise.

if you don't sleep like a rock after that, you have a medical condition and need to see a sleep doctor or two.

(that's how i was diagnosed)

regular melatonin can stay in your system, have you tried fast-dissolve melatonin?

also, benadryl allergy meds. there are basically 6 allergy pathways, and some people (like me) can take one benadryl and pass out, without aide effecta.

btw, being asleep doesn't mean it's good sleep. take the Epworth Sleep Scale and see if it's something else....


source- narcolepsy with cataplexy, misdiagnosed initially as only sleep apnea. sleep issues can fluctuate throughout your lifetime and seem like something else.

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