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Because information is powerful

Why would they be scared to know everything they've done and are trying to do keeps backfiring.

Why pede, would that NOT be detrimental to the existence of the FBI?

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I vote to separate the terms Gangster and Thug.

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Someone downvoted you..

Must've been exactly that guy.

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In reality, Entertainment was just used to dumb us down and use references to movies because well, we're dumb.

The FBI, CIA, IRS, Globalist, Commies, Satanist, Kid Lovers know what they're doing. It's why they're doing it, they enjoy it. They worship it, they believe it's what their God (Satan) tells them to do.

They use Lies, of course - they worship Satan to cover up who they are. They ACT instead of ARE righteous people, because they love fooling you - the Sheep.

They use your news sites to push Propaganda to you. They use entertainment to distract you. They use False Flags to confuse. They use false shit like Jan 6 people supposedly suffering horrible horrible, inhumane conditions. Now.. go write this letter. Now say exactly what we do, okay we checked the letter- yes, this is good. Everything is exposing us - thanks.

To Enrage you.

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Can you sit here and tell me this isn't' an attack done by another entity?

Wonder what other similarities this has to those of the past... or even those of today?

Past as in Weimar Republic, Germany. Bolsheviks, Soviet Union, Russia.

How about the Roman Empire? This is an attack done by those who wish to control u s in the Shadows.

Now let's think... did God say most if not all nations would be going against Israel? What's your opinion on that?

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Hey faggot FBI, you're losing, be scared.

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Some American 'Presidents' dont deserve respect.

You dont respect a pedophilia because you can't think past 1920.

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Yes, but that's under brainwashed terms.

The internet really fucked their plans over. We have the ability to instantly communicate. Albeit, they are trying very hard to control that.

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But we must also realize, Bill Gates didn't do shit of that. It was all ground work employees.

Gates thinks he's a DR.

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Isn't that all previous shit as well?

I mean Bolsheviks? However you spell that, in Russia?

Weimar Republic, Germany? (Sodom, Gamorrah?)

All these shits before someone gets sick of it and returns fire?

Then they come in after the war they created, create central banks and own everything from there on out?

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I've already done it.

Oddly enough, we Marines speak different than most.

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As a Marine, it does not surprise me that they do this in the Navy.

However, what is the best way to demoralize you?

Create something that stabs at the heart.

Don't let their antics fool you into believe this is what is all there is or that there is just Trans everywhere.

"TV Generals"

Real Military isn't on TV. Just Propaganda.

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I do not GET THIS.

Do people not research here? NEWSMAX IS FOX.



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At a young age I decided I hated news.

I can't remember when that was, before High School.

I still hate it.

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Step 1, be armed.

Step 2, make sure ammo is stocked.

Step 3, food water supply.

Wait, are you an FBI faggot?

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Must be hard to read a paragraph of stuff.

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I'm saying are you going to just follow through with it. Are YOU going to disarm your kids because THEY Said so?

The only fucking way that h happens, is if faggots like you actually give them up. And I bet you would, since you seem so confident others will.

They won't take my guns, 2AM, 4AM, 12PM. I don't give a flying fuck. I'll be dead before they do.

And I will take out a few of them. You be scared, I'm not.

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