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Because it's the CIA FBI operation.

It's also why there is a 'War on Drugs'

Control the supply.

Control the ones who arrest the ones you control.


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3 Minutes.

What a sham, that stupid lady needs to shut up.

Obviously they're just scared. They said that we as the parents only have 3 minutes to talk about shit.

What fucking lunatics. They all need to be in prison, jail, wood chipper, whatever.

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As a kid who hated Broccoli, I started to picture myself as Little Foot or something from the Land Before Time movies.

For some reason I like Broccoli and honestly, I still picture that.

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If you were to believe the news, sure.

The supposed TV Generals they love to show you.

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Then the Military needs to arrest them.

It over rides law enforcement under Martial Law.

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It's okay, Vigilante 8.

My favorite game.

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FBI: We need a distraction!

CIA: School Shooting?

FBI: Perfect, just what I was thinking.

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It's not.

But they feel like it's a major win to them.

We feel it's a major loss.

It's a minor bump in the road. He will be back and we'll see how the left breaks down then.

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Watch out for those School Shootings.

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But we also must stay vigilante and call out the wrong, even on our side.

Nobody says Elon is evil.

But people do say that the suspension was wrong and it still is.

But you're correct. Let's move forward and begin to use this opportunity.

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I hated the suspension, still do. Still think its bs.

But you know what it did do?

Appease the viscous left.

Now let's see how they act when that 12 hour is up.

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Well deserved.

Marine here, your oath is to America. Not Ukraine.

Fucked around and they found the fuck out. IT wasn't CoD.

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Maybe the Jews infiltrated the Nazi's, destroyed it from within and then used Operation Paperclip to control us.

Seems reasonable.

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Hitler also says he believed he was fighting for our Lord and Creator.

That defending himself against the Jew, he was more in line with our Lord.

Course he didn't assume it to be true, as the quote even said 'I believe' or something along those lines.

Mein Kampf.

Yep by Vsid
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It's not an attack either.

But calling for all whites to be murdered is?

Half the outrage here is fucking stupid, when the same people ignore whites being literally hated by mass media.

Trumps head being posted on Twitter is fine, putting a fucking symbol online not so much.

Lunacy. The world is Lunacy.

Claim free speech, get mad someone talks about Jews.

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