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Strange. If you user search the name in the pic above it comes up with an account thays 7yrs old and is active in that sub.

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It is. I searched the reddit account, appears to belong to a male and the post is nowhere to be found. Unless it was deleted for some reason which I don't know why it would if this is genuine, these sick fucks wear this shit like a badge of honor.

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For real, a kid. I can't imagine going through this at 18, I was so soft. To busy drinking beer and chasing girls, no way I would have been able to keep my head. Kyle really is a tough dude, hopefully more of our youth can be strong like this.

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Now Mr grosstits needs to be charged with menacing/attempted murder, arson, rioting.

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Messages are apparently directed at Andy Gno.

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Someone doesn't have to be armed to pose a threat of serious bodily harm or death to another. This is fucking stupid.

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MSMBC or activist? What's the difference?

For real though I wouldn't be suprised at all if it was just an activist, probably pretty likely.

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Why is everyone suddenly shitting on the defense? What happened?

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Can you blame them? If the lefty mob finds out who the jury members are they'll destroy their lives.

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Where can I watch? Don't really care for these guys

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I was wondering this too, if new evidence has surfaced from the prosecution then the defense should be able to make a rebuttal.

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This is the problem with him. He's a good ol boy law boomer, he's out of touch with the current volatile social sphere.

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Words can't describe how much I absolutely fucking hate them.

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These fucking people outside of the courthouse are obviously pushing a political fucking agenda, its a fucking joke. This is insane. Fucking clown world.

"In honor of Anthony and JoJo" yeah your fucking woman beating pedophile friends deserved to die you fucking IDIOTS!

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Depends on the court room, the ones I've served in usually take place in a far back room with heavy ass wooden doors, couldn't hear shit. I've even been in one where they had us in a fuckin concrete basement. But again, depends on the court room.

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We're allowed to say negro now because a white president said it and nobody cared right?

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Indeed we do. And arguably we have more to lose and the enemy has more ways to get back at us. The British weren't able to trace every minute man's every move like the current opposition can do now. The average minute man could only be ruined in a few different ways, take his life, his family and his farm. Now you can be slowly constricted and suffocated in a thousand different ways. Reputation destruction through the media, manipulated internet history, asset forfeiture, you're kids taken(last 2 things happened in the old as well) but the main thing is the digital manipulation and attacks that you'll receive, with much larger communities and the lightning fast transfer of info, you can be demonized and destroyed before you can even open your mouth, I mean.. look at kyle. So I fully understand why people are mostly hesitant, being judged by the entire world at once when your story hits MSM and tiktok is a pretty daunting consequence.

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Dude straight up, this has been my only response when people say he shouldn't have been there and either get a weird look and some answer like "well it's the cops jobs not regular people" to which we all know the cops don't do shit, when that's said people just go silent. They fucking know, so many men have become passive pussies or are afraid to lose it anything.

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Why would he take responsibility for those deaths? Kyle wasn't part of his group, so why would he associate said group with Kyle?

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For real, those two are fucking idiots. Lefty cookie lady has all the right to deny them service, they trespassed and assaulted her. Fucming assholes.

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The best part of this is how they tried to say that shouting "shoot me" isn't a threatening statement. If someone is facing you and shouting at you to shoot them while you're armed then that is a serious fucking indicator that person is a threat. It screams unhinged and willing to attack you to get you to shoot them. All threats, regardless of the situation, especially in the middle of a fucking RIOT should be taken seriously. Fucking horribly incompetent DA.

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