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Which makes them... the good guys.

The United States does not submit to the ICC. But supports the International Criminal Court's warrant for Putin.

If the US followed the ICC then we would have to arrest; Biden, Obama, Hillary, and Bush to satisfy the warrants

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Being in the military in the 70s and 80s

Then waking up in 2023 at some basic training base and the recruits have little flash cards, that they can hold up when they're thirsty or tired or need a sex change

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Watching this faggot called out as a fake witness by Matt Gaetz during the Trump bogus impeachment investigation was all I needed to see.

Send him to GITMO

He and Adam Schiff placed in stocks with their naked butts up, under a sign that says "Allah comes here"

would be justice

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This wobbly voiced pussy needs to be dropped off on the south side of Chicago on a Friday night wearing a sandwich billboard that says; "Give me your guns"

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And one of our LGBTQ+ objectives is to groom your kids into sterilizing to themselves

We don't care if we can make your boy cut off his penis and testicles or if we can cut out your daughters ovaries.

It doesn't matter.

Our goal is to end the human race by queerification.

The ability to reproduce must be stopped....

Fukkin Evil Regime of satanists

A Neutron bomb is what's needed

Dropped on DC

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Is that BEFORE or AFTER Old Joe is on his knees suckling?

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if someone searches real hard a video of this scumbag sodomizing a kid is probably out there

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If they arrest Trump for paying a hooker to go away, They will have crossed the line

Are they TRYING to force an armed insurrection? I think they are. Because they know it will be too few too weak.

They will crush it violently in order to show that a "minority" of conservatives, oops, I mean right wing extremists, are the only people still supporting Trump.

The fools in DC actually think old Joe's 81 million voters, exist. They don't.

74 million ACTUAL, LIVE, HUMAN -Trump voters DO exist

And they are fed up with fake justice by an illegitimately appointed AG

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EVERYONE except our intelligence agencies

Agrees that this guy should be arrested and interrogated immediately

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When the muzzie boys get in the pool with knives to cut them off, to save their virginity, the fad will end

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It was peaceful until the shitbag cops started lobbing flashbang into the crowd for no reason.

You can't look at the "violence" videos without seeing undercovers initiating the violence.

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Almost 300 of my "friends" (FJB teammates) disappeared from my Facebook page during the year following Jan 6.

I'm sure some were banned.

Some were probably arrested

I'm also sure a couple hundred more surrendered their courage.

The BIG LIE was pResident Bumblphuk's 81 million votes

Traitors in Congress Traitors in the Whitehouse Traitors in the FBI Traitors in the press

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Through his minions - Democrats, perverted teachers, Soros, the WHO, Gates.

The thief cometh not but for to kill, steal, and destroy.

What is one of satan's biggest thrills?

Taking the reproductive organs of humans so that they cannot reproduce more of God's children.


Imagine a hellscape where 50% of the humans have had their penises and ovaries removed at age 15.

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...Down there...? In Milwaukee? What? Are you in Canada?

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Ballot harvesting and drop boxes is the ONLY WAY Demokkkrats can win. The drop boxes must be destroyed.

No mention of Dominion machines? They must also be destroyed. In every state

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Those two scumbags will do ANYTHING to help destroy America. At this point they have no other choice, but to continue persecuting Patriots.

The alternative, is arrest by the military, a short trial for treason, conviction, and execution.


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Too bad they didn't all kneel and gut themselves then

It's not too late to save the MSM

A short video of Jim Acosta doing himself in would give a tremendous boost to CNN's ratings

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Shouldn't be a misdemeanor

Should be mandatory prison time

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That's what a slut's hair looks like when all the guys give her a cream rinse

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